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California Dethroned as Hottest Housing Market

By Patrick following x   2018 Apr 29, 7:30pm 831 views   6 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    


California does not dominate realtor.com’s hottest housing markets list for this month—the first time in years. Each month, realtor.com ranks the top metro areas where homes sell the fastest and where home buyers are searching the most for listings at its site.

California has continually dominated the rankings. In March, the Golden State had 11 of the top 20 markets. But in April, that number shrank to just six. It’s the lowest number of California cities to make the rankings since 2013, the year realtor.com began doing its monthly “hot market” tracking lists.

This month, San Francisco dropped from its number-one spot to number three, as Midland, Texas, jumped from number five to the top spot in the rankings.

I hate to quote realtor.com since they corrupt our political system with massive lobbying "bribes" to Congressmen to prevent any real challenge to their stranglehold on the public, but this is too interesting to pass up.

Midland, TX? Why on earth? I guess because of the oil industry, and this:

In 2014, Midland had the lowest unemployment rate in the United States at 2.3%.
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Drill that Permian Basin.
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Seattle area is red hot. A buddy cashed out several months back and had a nice gain. I am trying to convince him to buy a 911. I'd say it's impossible to market time RE.
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MisterLefty says
I am trying to convince him to buy a 911.

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lostand confused says
MisterLefty says
I am trying to convince him to buy a 911.

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This is the 911 you buy the moment you can afford the as-tested $142,945 buy in for this 2017 example, then you drive it every day until you die and you’re buried in it.

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