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Choosing renting is not just about high housing prices, but about the flexibility to compete in today’s economy

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The national homeownership rate has plummeted over the past decade, from an all-time high of 68.8 percent in 2005 to 62.7 percent in 2015. That’s lower than the rate in 1985, when homeownership stood at 63.5 percent.

But the shift from owning to renting a home is much more dramatic in certain cities, and the most innovative and dynamic metropolitan areas consistently post the lowest homeownership rates.
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All good and well unless you have children.
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RC2006 says
All good and well unless you have children.

... and a working spouse. Moving to another region and finding a better job is one thing, doing the same for two is whole 'nother. Especially if you're in different industries.

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