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Porn stars face housing discrimination

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The first time I encountered housing discrimination, I was caught by surprise.

As a renter I had to be vague on my applications, listing myself as an actress/model. Only when pushed did I offer up my affiliation with Playboy TV, which was apparently more palatable for the landlords than my collective body of work. The owner of the building, who’d been so friendly on a previous tour of the condo, invited me over to review the application I’d put in. I was young, had great credit and plenty of money, and had even agreed to put down three times the deposit. But it wasn’t enough. He grilled me about my employers in person, demanded to know why I did “it,” and wanted to know how I could “live with myself.” Then he pestered me about how many men I’d be having over, and told me how the walls were so thin that the whole building would know every time I had sex (he assumed porn stars are incapable of being quiet).

He made me feel dirtier than most of the sets I’d been on.
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