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Silicon Valley pastor decries hypocrisy of area's rich liberals

By Patrick following x   2018 May 22, 6:50pm 701 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    


A Silicon Valley pastor has resigned from his church after calling the city of Palo Alto an “elitist shit den of hate” and criticizing the hypocrisy of “social justice” activism in the region.

Gregory Stevens confirmed on Monday that he had stepped down from the First Baptist church of Palo Alto, an LGBT-inclusive congregation, after his personal tweets calling out the contradictions of wealthy liberals in northern California surfaced at a recent council hearing.

In emails to the Guardian, the 28-year-old minister detailed his “exasperation” with Palo Alto, a city in the heart of the technology industry, surrounded by severe income inequality and poverty.

“I believe Palo Alto is a ghetto of wealth, power, and elitist liberalism by proxy, meaning that many community members claim to want to fight for social justice issues, but that desire doesn’t translate into action,” Stevens wrote, lamenting that it was impossible for low-income people to live in the city. “The insane wealth inequality and the ignorance toward actual social justice is absolutely terrifying.”
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Heh, Heh, he's co-dependant with East Palo Alto. Psycho do-gooder libby discovers limousine libby.
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Ceffer says
Psycho do-gooder libby discovers limousine libby.

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But Palo Alto, he said, “wanted nothing to do with actual justice and was more interested in guarding their enclave of power and wealth”,

Those "liberals" fit the description of what are commonly referred to as republicans on this blog. Could a liberal go so far left that they come out on the other side?

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