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Falling housing prices are actually healthy

By Patrick following x   2018 May 29, 8:33pm 367 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    


When things go wrong in the housing market, people get angry.

So expect to hear a lot of irate commentary on whose fault it is if house prices keep falling in Toronto and other places where people have been making lots of money off the housing boom. The narrative is already taking shape: The introduction of mortgage stress tests for home buyers by the federal government’s banking regulator has ruined the housing market and, in particular, hurt first-time buyers.

Allow someone who doesn’t make a living off the sale or financing of real estate to set you straight on all of this. What’s happening in housing is actually healthy. Slowing the market down now lessens the risk of a plunge that would traumatize this country worse than any stock-market crash ever.
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