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Why you are not allowed to visit Lake Pilarcitos

By Patrick follow Patrick   2018 Jun 10, 2:31pm 557 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

The SF Watershed land is managed by the SFPUC, otherwise known as the San Francisco Water Department. It is entirely closed to the public; it is only open to a few select SF water department employees and a few politicians from San Francisco. ...

There is at plaque at Pilarcitos Dam placed in 1967 at the one hundred year anniversary of the dams construction. It is a plaque paid for with public money, on public land, that no one in the public is allowed to see.

There are other significant historical sites in the watershed, including Stone Dam, pieces of the redwood flume that are still standing, homes dating back to the 1860’s and countless other artifacts left un accounted for left by the Spring Valley Water company before it was acquired by the San Francisco Water department in the 1930’s.

So the question remains, if water quality and wildlife protection are not the real reason the SF Watershed is closed, what is the real reason. Tom Steinstra, writer for the SF Chronicle has long speculated that the SF Water department is trying to hide from the public view, the homes and infrastructure that it has built in this place. Mr. Steinstra has been inside the watershed many times both legally and illegally and is amazed by the amount of areas for relaxation that are apparently only for SFPUC employees or privileged visitors to the watershed. All of this, built with public money on public land.

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