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Auto subprime bubble

By whitewater follow whitewater   2018 Jul 7, 8:26pm 982 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Wells Fargo has an exposure of $81 billion in subprime auto loans, although this isn’t listed on paper. JP Morgan has $28 billion in loans to subprime lenders, while Goldman Sachs has $16 trillion. The concept of large banks lending to a number of smaller subprime lenders was supposed to “spread the risk.” However, with the increasing number of auto loan defaults, the risk is boomeranging back to the major banks.

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Why do you marxist hooligans HATE! INNOVATION! ?

If Goldman Sachs is not FREE! to lend out a trillion dollars on police auction rejects and leave the bill for the defaults on starving taxpayers then FREE!dom ceases to mean anything and AMERICA! has no purpose!

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