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Long Read

By HEYYOU follow HEYYOU   2018 Aug 2, 9:51am 449 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Trump could read this in Twitter's 280 character segments.

"To me the US empire is an historic aberration of humanity. With its genesis, its unparalleled level of violence, the categorically insolidary and segregated society and surreal consumer culture it has created, and the delusional ideology and mythology with which it justifies itself based on a borderline psychotic Messiah complex (Manifest Destiny), it represents an exceptional oddity among nations. But beyond its mental problems there is a cold, hard fact – at least within the realm of capitalism – that explains the actions and reactions of US imperialism throughout the years, especially in recent decades. It is both fuel and failure of the empire: the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, or rather the system behind it which consists of masquerading and selling debt as investment."

"Many people consider the US to be a proper republic with a valid constitution, separation of powers, rule of law and all that jazz. I think that is baloney. In truth the US government is a front for a criminal enterprise and it has been like that ever since the US Constitution has been created and passed.."

"From their elitist perspective the American or any other people serve as human cattle to be duped, exploited and used. "

To save America vote for Republicans & Democrat white males.
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