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Acts of Violence/Words of Hate: Trump/The synagogue shooting and Mail Bombs!

By WillPowers follow WillPowers   2018 Oct 31, 8:47am 300 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

On Oct. 27, 2018, Steve Scalise, (R-La.), House Majority Whip, spoke out on Twitter against political extremism that leads to violence. Having suffered an attack that seriously injured him in June 2017, he could speak with authority on this issue.

“The Left shouldn’t just be angry about these attacks while remaining silent when threats are made against conservatives. Leaders need to condemn all political violence. This is a time for us to come together and make clear that this is not who we are as Americans.”

He has a wonderful beautiful message, as Trump would say, but will it have any impact on how people relate. After his fine words, is it likely people will come together? Will CNN suddenly stop hating Trump so much, they run a story without an obvious anti-Trump bias?

Now on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner (D) said President Donald Trump was responsible for the current bubbling up of the “racist vile climate” in the “DNA of America.”

On the same program, billionaire and Democratic donor Tom Steyer spoke out against Trump’s comments on the synagogue shooting, saying, “I think his response to the tragedy was appropriate. But there’s something much bigger than that going on here, which is the atmosphere that he’s created and that the Republican Party has created in terms of political violence.”

Is it justifiable to say CNN has a far left-wing bias and even invents the news to smear Trump at every opportunity? After all, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein claimed former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen said “Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting,” and the story fell apart when their source, Lanny Davis admitted that he couldn’t cooborate the story.

So who is really spreading hate and inciting people to commit acts of violence? Is the real offender President Trump, or are there others to blame? Maybe there is enough blame to go around, find out what I discovered in my search for the answers.

Will Powers
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Orange man bad, orange man evil. Orange man is at fault even if his supporters are attacked. If you do not believe that, please watch a few minutes of CNNPC or MSNPC.

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