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How to imitate a Rin thread

By Rin follow Rin   2018 Nov 29, 12:19pm 1,481 views   5 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Ok, some others have tried to unsuccessfully copy my motif. Let me give some clear instructions ...

Here's some random topic on Jewish Persians (or Iranians) living in the present day Islamic Republic of Iran.


Jewish people have called Iran home for nearly 3,000 years. Ok, it was Persia back then (& was only Islamic for 1000+ years) but let's not go there. The Trump administration and U.S. ally Israel often depict the Iranian government as composed of anti-Semitic radical Islamists bent on destroying Israel. But within Iran, many of the estimated 15,000 Jews say they're safe and happy living in the Islamic Republic. Reza Sayah takes a rare inside look at life for Iran's Jewish minority.

Today, an estimated 15,000 Jews still live here. Most are in the capital, Tehran. There are five Jewish private schools here, several kosher restaurants. And Tehran's oldest charity hospital was founded and is still run by Jews.

Tehran is a city with 13 synagogues. Some were confiscated by the government after the revolution. Jewish leaders say when they sued to get them back, Iran's Revolutionary Court ruled in their favor. Today, all 13 are open, with little or no security measures in place.

Here's one of the most remarkable things about this synagogue. In a region where almost all synagogues are protected with tight security, metal detectors, even armed guards, the doors to this synagogue are open. Worshipers, or anyone else, for that matter, can walk right in.

Manouchehr Behravan used to live in New York City. One thing he values in Iran, he says, is the absence of anti-Semitism.


Now, while I'd love to plug her orifices ... she does need those boobs to be enhanced ...

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Ok, now you got the framework for a proper Rin thread.
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(everyone proceeds to talk about politics, not a word about women)
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Automan Empire says
(everyone proceeds to talk about politics, not a word about women)

That's cause most ppl can't handle the law, Rin Wah Law!

And as the Clash once said ... The Law Won!

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And another Clash song ...

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