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No feminists protesting the murder of Qandeel Baloch. Why not?

By Patrick follow Patrick   2019 Jan 5, 11:50am 480 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share

They called her Pakistan's "Kim Kardashian". She divided opinion in socially conservative Pakistan, and had expressed fears for her life as a result. She was a social media sensation, a young woman from a poor village who became famous for her sexually provocative online appearances.

After her murder two and a half years ago, a new law against so-called honour crimes was passed but justice for Qandeel appears elusive.
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The mainstream media chooses stories to push the deep state agenda. Jamal Kashoggi's death was used to try and trip up Trump, get him to screw up mid east policy and make a wreak of his presidency. That is my guess, but of course there are many forces at play in the political arena. However, I have noticed the mainstream media speak in one voice on any given issue: pull out of Syria for instance. The generals and military establishment want Trump to stay in Syria and Afghanastan, and the mainstream says it would be a mistake, and result in another terrorist attack like 911, and Lyndsy Graham said that, the war monger, although he has softened his position after talking with Trump and a reasonable compromise for with-drawl will be found.

None of these outlets care about anything else but making Trump look bad. They have lost their objectivity. Recently, an NBC reporter quit over this very issue: Read his full statement here:

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