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Jim Acosta Proves a Wall has a point and Pelosi takes the righteous path

By WillPowers follow WillPowers   2019 Jan 15, 2:12am 642 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

When is a Wall Not a Wall?

When It’s Immoral

Is a wall immoral? That’s what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. If she’s right, then the Catholics must be immoral, because according to their beliefs, there is a wall in heaven, keeping out the sinful, otherwise, why would they need St. Peter’s gate, which is much like a port of entry for the righteous. That is not to say immigrants are sinful. I understand most immigrants are just seeking a better life. What of the criminal aliens though, the coyotes, and sex traffickers that avoid check points like the plague and sneak in through the wide open spaces where there is no wall?

Really, What Are the Arguments Against A Southern Border Wall?

It costs too much.

A Wall is a Waste of Money

Trump Supporters are Against the “browning of America”

Is it Fair to Play the Race Card When:



Is Our Government Putting Illegals Interests Before U.S. Citizens?

Dr. Danny Villareal, a Hispanic OB-GYN, an obstetrician-gynecologist, from McAllen Texas, a border town near the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Villareal treats illegals, and told Laura Ingraham women come into the country illegally, have their babies, known as “anchor babies,” and he talked about theTP-30 law that allows an illegal alien or anyone who is undocumented, from out of the United States, come into the United States and apply for the TP-30 law, and they get an emergency Medicaid, and Medicaid pays for their bill.

Dr. Danny Villareal mentioned the “CHIPS program, where undocumented immigrants would come across and stay here and get prenatal care paid for them… all the way through the nine months,” then switch over to a TP-30 after having their baby, “and get the delivery paid by Medicaid, whereas the CHIPS program paid for all their prenatal care, and some secretaries from different offices couldn’t even afford to get prenatal care.”

What kind of coverage do low income Americans get? Under The Affordable Care Act, a family that signed up for the “Standard Bronze” plan in 2013, had a “$3,000 deductible. After that, you pay: 50% primary care; 50% specialist; 50% urgent care; 50% emergency” according to Ester Bloom. Monthly premiums come to $472, plus $45 for her daughter.

The lowest level of coverage, “bronze” level plans carry deductibles as high as $12,700 per year for a family of four, and that was in 2013. For a family with an income of about $52,000, that deductible is a heavy incentive to skip treatment and medication.

Reliable figures, reasons for and against a wall, the true impact of our immigration laws on immigrants and citizens alike, told by the people who would know, plain ordinary folk who have no reason to lie. They just want to tell their story:

Will Powers
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There's also "abused spouse" laws in Mass and elsewhere, you get Food Stamps, HUD, and cash and don't even have to prove jack shit.

The kicker: it supplies food and cash for anybody who lives with you. Not just dependents.

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