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Back of the bus, you!
3   Shaman   ignore (3)   2019 Feb 12, 10:57am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

The real story is that Yahoo made up this “story” by gathering stupid and silly tweets from stupid and angry people on Twitter and mashed them into a narrative about white privilege.
You will be literally dumber and less informed by reading this sort of “news.”
Which may just be the point.

Reading some of the comments on this article, I don’t think many people were fooled. The grand grand majority were disgusted by Yahoo and their toxic point of view!
4   jazz_music   ignore (14)   2019 Feb 12, 11:25am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Quigley says
You will be literally dumber and less informed by reading this sort of “news.”

This sort of awareness is needed towards the nutter-right wing propaganda empire.

On the other hand, this Yahoo article was never intended to be news, rather opinion, or op-ed featuring twitters. They must have decided this screed would get a lot of clicks from the snowflakes who decry reverse racism as a bigger problem than racism.

"You will be literally dumber" works fast in this case so I'll go further and say that opinion in the form of prose is far different from nationally syndicated and distributed program of lies and misguidance like you see and hear on Fox and radio affiliates PLUS the emotional stimulus is proven to be addicting too.
5   Shaman   ignore (3)   2019 Feb 12, 1:16pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Yah you’re right, Jazz. Yahoo was most likely just trolling people who think along normal lines with purpose to get clicks.

I think this sort of strategy is counterproductive, as it engenders less trustworthiness in the source than before a user clicked on the article in the first place. A short perusal of Yahoo’s finances will show that it’s a struggling enterprise, despite being around since the beginning of the web.

The bit about Fox was completely irrelevant “whataboutism,” and you could have just left it off your response. I don’t watch Fox, but I’m sure it’s no worse than the left wing media like CNN for lies and mistruths, and it’s probably a lot better. However, the discussion was about a completely different topic.
6   NDrLoR   ignore (0)   2019 Feb 12, 3:10pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Quigley says
people who think along normal lines
Of whom there is a dearth on the left today.
7   jazz_music   ignore (14)   2019 Feb 12, 4:15pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Quigley says
The bit about Fox was completely irrelevant “whataboutism,”

No you missed the central point about literally getting dumber the more you consume, and it is an addiction, the culmination of Roger Ailes evil tactics since Nixon's day and a lot of the expressions and tactics he invented in the 60s is carried forward to the present with Fox and radio affiliates.

The 24/7 paid national media empire of Fox and radio affiliates is absolutely unparalleled in modern times. You can talk about other networks that have found they must poke at emotional weakness to hold viewers but the vertical integration of the propaganda is nowhere like it is with Fox.

Fox exists to wage PYSOPS on America with AGITPROP tactics and unparalleled reach and vertical integration.

Nothing comes close.

"whataboutism?" how about some key situational awareness?

The scope of deliberate disinformation and deceit has absolutely hurt America's democracy and voting.

The ad nauseum of the lies make useful fiction true and voters act upon that because they believe in those sexy babes with the tears, the waving flags behind them, the surly monologues by agitators like Beck and Hannity.

It's a daily system. It's national. All the proven tactics are brought to bear. The alternate reality. The isolation of Fox viewers from other sources. The lies are perpetual and repeated ad nauseum systematically. The appeals to fear. The creation of enemy.
8   jazz_music   ignore (14)   2019 Feb 12, 4:34pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

From the link:

“The liberal elite” is a concept created by Richard Nixon’s campaign during his bid for presidency in 1960. Feminists who were advocating for workplace equality; black people who were working to end racist violence, segregation, and laws against interracial marriage; and anti-war demonstrators who were weary of the war in Vietnam were making white men uneasy, so the Nixon campaign began branding those activists and their sympathizers as “the liberal elite.” Good old hardworking white men like Nixon were the real Americans, and the “liberal elite” were a threat to a traditional, God-approved, Founding Fathers-sanctioned way of life.

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