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18945   Patrick   2022 Sep 22, 10:47am  


This is something worth considering when we assess Covidianism; it is grounded on organised, government-led credentialism and scientism.

Questioning the holy toxxine is equivalent to questioning the credentials of those who are forcing it on the public.

Again, their terror is that we will just stop playing "masters and servants" and strip them of their power by our refusal to play along.
18946   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 11:37am  

Uh, oh. Trump is doomed.
18947   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 11:42am  

Hunter was so impressed with Biden Actor's defense of him overcoming addiction and all, he decided to throw a party at his Malibu pad:

18948   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 11:55am  

Globalist lab rat discovers that Green measures are designed to fail. Like, DUHHHH! Not a single thing they are proposing will do anything but cause energy starvation and food starvation, as intended, to put the populace in putty like subservience to their agendas. Anything relying on electronics or batteries will begin to fail after ten years tops. That's scarcely past the depreciation and tax advantage schedules.
18949   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 11:58am  

Trump reveals that his will contains all of IHLlary's deleted emails.
18950   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 12:04pm  

Pelosi's beefier, younger body double comments on Biden Actor Stable's running again for rigged election in 2024. Why don't they just turn them into cartoons, it would be more entertaining.
18959   Patrick   2022 Sep 22, 5:48pm  

original link

From Christmas, but worth repeating.
18962   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 22, 9:58pm  

Patrick says

Everybody mocked the great Major General Orde Wingate, but he was a believer in the Onion as a powerhouse against disease.
18963   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 10:06pm  

AmericanKulak says

he was a believer in the Onion as a powerhouse against disease.

Kept everybody more than ten feet away without coaxing.
18964   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 10:18pm  

Guess the cereal lobby sent a bigger bribe than the meat lobby:
18965   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 22, 10:34pm  

Sounds like something Big Agra/Big Pharma would say.

Chicken has pretty much every essential amino acid, and is low cal yet packed with protein.
18966   richwicks   2022 Sep 22, 10:37pm  

Ceffer says

Guess the cereal lobby sent a bigger bribe than the meat lobby:


I don't believe it. Natural News isn't exactly great about being diligent about being accurate. I consider Mike Adams to be to health like Alex Jones is to news. He's not totally worthless, but considering the quality of information from our establishment, it's a tiny step up.
18967   Patrick   2022 Sep 22, 11:08pm  

It looks like it's true, sadly. The White House ‘Nutrition Advisor’ is literally using his office to do paid product placement.


18968   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 11:17pm  

Of course, they will next proclaim Lucky Charms made from ze bugz is much healthier than either. "Eat ze nice poison, that's a good boy"
18969   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 11:37pm  

18970   richwicks   2022 Sep 22, 11:41pm  

Patrick says

It looks like it's true, sadly. The White House ‘Nutrition Advisor’ is literally using his office to do paid product placement.


I don't think it's unfortunate.

How insane does our government have to get before people stop trusting them? It's just another intelligence/gullibility test.

Remember, ketchup is a vegetable? That was Reagan, but really Bush Sr.

I'm tired of people trusting the authorities. I'm sick of it. The more ridiculous, the better. "The unvaccinated pose a risk to the vaccinated" after all. How much more fucking crazy does it have to get?

But I'm still unconvinced. Let's see at at *.gov.
18972   Ceffer   2022 Sep 22, 11:46pm  

Dead Bill's avatar going from horny to corny Notice he isn't telling anybody where that cob has been.:
18973   Ceffer   2022 Sep 23, 10:31am  

How the wheel of fortune turns. Russia instructing us how to run an honest election.
18975   Ceffer   2022 Sep 23, 1:55pm  

Some things never change.
18976   RWSGFY   2022 Sep 23, 2:06pm  

Ceffer says

Yet, LOL!

Still hasn't recognized the Crimean sham "voting" after 8 years, LOL. Actually, nobody has.
18980   Ceffer   2022 Sep 23, 2:19pm  

To be perfectly fair, he was just the middle man jocko homo Manchurian.
18981   Ceffer   2022 Sep 23, 2:22pm  

That's all we needed. Fag and Tranny Fentanyl:
"SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) this week warned school leaders about a new and concerning “rainbow fentanyl” drug that may interest youth. In a letter to superintendents and charter school administrators, CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer Tomás J. Aragón warned that “rainbow fentanyl” is a potentially fatal drug found in pills and powders in a variety of bright colors, shapes and sizes that could attract young people.

“Rainbow fentanyl can be found in many forms, including pills, powder, and blocks that can resemble sidewalk chalk or candy,” said Dr. Aragón. “Any pill, regardless of its color, shape, or size, that does not come from a health care provider or pharmacist can contain fentanyl and can be deadly,” he said.

In its letter, CDPH points to a recent warning from the United States Drug Enforcement Agency that notes the highly addictive and potentially deadly “rainbow fentanyl” has been found in at least 18 states.

Anyone who encounters fentanyl in any form should not handle it and should call 911 immediately.

Recognizing the signs of opioid overdose can save a life. Here are some things to look for:
• Small, constricted “pinpoint pupils”
• Falling asleep or losing consciousness
• Slow, weak, or no breathing
• Choking or gurgling sounds
• Limp body
• Cold and/or clammy skin
• Discolored skin (especially in lips and nails)

It may be hard to tell if a person is high or experiencing an overdose. If you aren’t sure, treat it like an overdose. Here are the steps that could save a life:
1. Call 911 immediately
2. Administer naloxone, if available
3. Try to keep the person awake and breathing
4. Lay the person on their side to prevent choking
5. Stay with the person until emergency help arrives

Get more facts about Fentanyl from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Some California schools have created naloxone policies in response to increases in opioid overdoses among youth. Naloxone is a life-saving medication used to reverse an opioid overdose. CDPH encourages schools that are interested in developing these policies and receiving free naloxone to review relevant regulations and apply for a Statewide Standing Order for Naloxone.

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Naloxone Distribution Project offers free naloxone to qualified organizations, including schools and universities."
18982   Booger   2022 Sep 23, 2:29pm  

Ceffer says

Hatch Act violation.
18983   Ceffer   2022 Sep 23, 2:36pm  

"You will be in caves eating ze bugs, and you vill be happy with our new vet implants. My Pomeranian loves his."
18984   Ceffer   2022 Sep 23, 2:40pm  

Neua Buchenwald Bertha threatens Italy for voting in an unprescribed manner:

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