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21626   Onvacation   2023 Jan 24, 5:59am  

Ceffer says

Wow, an actual BOOM


Hunter's treason will be whittled down to tax evasion and he will be given a fine equal to a night of Crack with Crack Hoes.
21627   gabbar   2023 Jan 24, 8:05am  

Woody Harrelson notes that we are stuck with this system and this is missing from this image.

21631   AmericanKulak   2023 Jan 24, 10:11am  

Tenpoundbass says

From Napoleon Chagnon being told by multiple elders of stone age Yanomano villages, to the Illiad, we know what the #1 source of conflict is.
21632   richwicks   2023 Jan 24, 11:14am  

Ceffer says

Nancy Pelosi performs exorcism at house, and she and Paul disappear back into the flames of Hell! Time to dust off the avatars.


Or did she lie again, staying in character as a vile piece of shit? Only Satan knows for sure.


Gateway Pundit lied - duh.
21634   Ceffer   2023 Jan 24, 12:50pm  

Retarded NFL creep show. Et Tu, NFL? LOL!

21635   Ceffer   2023 Jan 24, 12:54pm  

LOL! What is this, some kind of Intel fuckery as a mollifying element to Biden's transparent treason? "Hey, it is forgivable, they ALL do it. A few classified documents here, a few payoffs there, it's just business in the Beltway!"

21636   Ceffer   2023 Jan 24, 12:57pm  

Boy, I would LUV to see the blackmail they have on Auntie Lindsay. When politicians become these groveling, pathetic asslickers and losers, you know that Satan has crushed them.

21638   charlie303   2023 Jan 24, 1:28pm  

“The Anti-Vaxxers Won!” – Admits “Dilbert” Creator Scott Adams
The Jimmy Dore Show

21640   richwicks   2023 Jan 24, 3:20pm  

charlie303 says

“The Anti-Vaxxers Won!” – Admits “Dilbert” Creator Scott Adams
The Jimmy Dore Show


Embedding it - Dore isn't stupid, he's on Rumble as well

original link

Youtube is dead for information. Anybody worth listening to has youtube as a BACKUP not as a main point. Fuck Google, fuck the intelligence agencies. Stop looking there for data. Fuck the censors, ignore them.
21641   Onvacation   2023 Jan 24, 3:42pm  

richwicks says

Youtube is dead for information.

I hate to admit it but Youtube is good for some things.

I like to work on my boat, sports car, and motorcycle. I let my mechanic take care of the truck and the wife's Subaru but I get satisfaction from being able to maintain my toys. When I am having mechanical issues with something I can often find a youtube video to walk me through the solution.

I also have a hard time finding good sailing videos on the alternate tubes. (AltTubes?).

I try to use BitCHUTE, Rumble, or something else first but I find myself turning to Youtube for entertainment.
21642   Ceffer   2023 Jan 24, 4:38pm  

Looks like Alanis Morissette is headed for a CIA induced acceleration of her car into a brick wall at 120mph.

21643   richwicks   2023 Jan 24, 5:45pm  

Onvacation says

I try to use BitCHUTE, Rumble, or something else first but I find myself turning to Youtube for entertainment.

For entertainment.

If you want information, you cannot find it on youtube. You will never see something like this you youtube:

original link

Youtube is fine for non political information, but if you want to understand what is going on in the world, it's absolutely dead for that. I want to understand the world.
21644   Patrick   2023 Jan 24, 7:06pm  

Ceffer says



Moderna CEO Admits On Live Air At Davos They Were Making A COVID-19 Vaccine In January Of 2020 Before SARS-CoV-2 Even Had A Name
21645   Ceffer   2023 Jan 24, 11:58pm  

In the olden days when there was no, (or less apparent), election fraud, anybody could just stroll into the Governor's office in Sacramento no ID, no nothing, I did it once. Nobody stopped me, nobody asked me what I was doing, it was that open. Now, because they are crooks, they need the guards.

21647   Ceffer   2023 Jan 25, 12:13am  

A couple of laying hens will keep you in all the eggs you can stand. They can make reasonable outdoor pets, too.

21649   Ceffer   2023 Jan 25, 12:32pm  

Go after the PedoPlex, you are reliably suicided. That means, of course, all the accusations are true.

21655   RC2006   2023 Jan 25, 4:11pm  

Tenpoundbass says

Ha, I just did this with buddies car when he forgot to turn lights off. He didn't know how, I hadn't drove a manual car in decades, brought back old memories.
21656   Booger   2023 Jan 25, 4:49pm  

Tenpoundbass says

Does that even still even work on a newer vehicle? I mean if you can find one with a manual transmission.
21657   Ceffer   2023 Jan 26, 11:35am  

That's fine, as long as they DON'T release the footage from Paul's Anal Dildo Cam.

21659   AmericanKulak   2023 Jan 26, 11:57am  

Directed Evolution is a euphemism for Weaponization
21660   Ceffer   2023 Jan 26, 12:21pm  

Avatar Gates broadcasting Satanic intentions truthfully once. "We are just going to fucking kill all of you one way or another. Get over it! DIE, FUCKING DIE, TWITCHING AND STRANGLING ON YOUR OWN BLOOD, ALREADY." Baal smiles.

21661   Ceffer   2023 Jan 26, 12:37pm  

"I look forward to being the beneficiary of California's captured, rigged elections so I can continue to LIE, FUCKING LIE, so they don't expose my pedo sex murders."

21662   Ceffer   2023 Jan 26, 12:43pm  

Woman deemed 'insane enough' receives cushy job at Fort Detrick Bioweapons Development Lab after threatening Trump with ricin.


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