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2019 Feb 17, 4:30pm   640,637 views  25,268 comments

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22461   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 10:21am  

I always seek truth from a man living a delusional lie:

22463   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 12:24pm  

Freedom of KommieKunt Struggle Session Subversion! Live by the unqualified pidgin diversity admissions, die by the unqualified pidgin diversity admissions! What could possibly go wrong? The only thing they are good at is porch screaming. They are just playing to their strength.


22468   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 12:41pm  

THis about sums it up.

22471   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 12:42pm  

Now guess who the enemies are?

22472   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 12:43pm  

Well, credit where credit is due, It wasn't really Biden Actor but the Senior Executive Service trying to start WWIII.

22480   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 4:40pm  

California libtards beginning to wake up in San Ramon. Even mention Soros (soras) Lol! They know, in spite of MSM propaganda.

22485   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:11pm  

I have a record collection that's three times bigger than my 120 inch TV. Does that bring creds?

22487   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:20pm  

Watch the demons squirm and gaslight under the questions. That is a better answer than what they actually said.

22488   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:20pm  

She became too notorious to suicide. However, Clintons have gotten a lot more reckless and indifferent since then.

22489   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:24pm  

Santa Rosa and Paradise, how do you like our l'il friend? Oh, your just ashes, sorry.


22490   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:25pm  

Little glitch, they haven't quite worked out the reassembly part yet.

22491   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:27pm  

Pretty soon, you'll be able to fry an egg on your cell phone.

22492   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:29pm  

The infiltrated terrorist combatants over the open borders worked, they really, really worked!

22493   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:34pm  

I thought it was the Fed that got downgraded to junk. If they can't have it their way, they'll just blow the whole thing up Illuminati style on the fiat printing press front, and attempt one last time to electronically shackle the system.

22494   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:36pm  

The way they talk, you'd almost think this all wasn't planned.

22495   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:37pm  

We'll call her the Waltzing Matilda of Childhood Mutilation.

22497   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:45pm  

Auntie Lindsey is just really pissed about not getting his Ukrainian Adrenochrome fix and trafficked child quota.

22498   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 7:50pm  

"They throw so much shit at me outside the store, I get most of my groceries for free!"


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