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24873   richwicks   2023 May 25, 12:52pm  

HeadSet says

richwicks says

I'm absolutely against bringing sex into a classroom of children before they hit puberty.

I hope you meant against "bringing discussion of sex into a classroom of children before they hit puberty."

You got me there.

24876   richwicks   2023 May 25, 1:44pm  

Ceffer says

Never trust a redhead.


Hey! I'm half Irish.
24877   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 2:21pm  

Shows you how stupid the mask wearing Actor's shadow goverment is. How are they going to preliminarily assess these children as donor organ prospects and hypo allergenic adrenochrome blood banks? First order of Globalistas, you can be evil all you want, but don't fuck with the veal!

24878   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 2:35pm  

It's all about the race grift, man!

24883   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 2:40pm  

The eight pointed police hat is the symbol of the Swiss Octagon, just in case you were wondering about ultimate Masonic loyalties and all of that conspiracy palaver.

24885   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 2:48pm  

A lot of the shit going down is MKUltra drug induced behavior, whether it is a politician gorked for the cameras, a tranny parading their junk, or rioters carrying out their mayhem. Latest riot drug installed by the Intels for da ghetto is Captagon, a stimulant narcotic that causes erratic behavior. Apparently, this contributes to the sheeyat we see from the usual suspects.
"Introduction. Captagon is reported to be a commonly used stimulant in the Middle East. In addition, some recent media reports have linked this drug to perpetrators of terrorist acts in Europe or terrorist groups based in areas of conflict in the Middle East."
24886   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 2:51pm  

LOL! Suckling on the propaganda nipple.

24888   mell   2023 May 25, 2:58pm  

It's easy to do this to the Germans because of the WW2 guilt trip. But traitor Habeck is just clinging onto his seat at this point, he almost got fired. Next elections will be different if not fixed, we shall see.
24890   richwicks   2023 May 25, 4:32pm  

Ceffer says

Yep, that's Ryan Dawson.


He's worth paying attention to in my estimation.
24892   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 10:18pm  

Just read that Bush Sr. changed the oath judges take so they did not have to consider the Constitution when making discretionary decisions, way back in the early 90's. Explains a lot of unconstitutional decision that lead to appeals lawfare, just to rein in the unconstitutional lower court decisions.

Sounds almost as good as Obama's legalizing the use of propaganda against the people.

The Globalists HATE our Constitution.
24893   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 10:25pm  

One of the gays from the Chicago gay scene that managed to live to testify, since the intel agencies reputedly went around and killed as many of the gay Obama consorted with as possible.

24894   Ceffer   2023 May 25, 11:16pm  

May the Meme Force be with you!

24900   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 10:21am  

Probably all admitted to Harvard and Yale medical schools, although transgender mutilation studies would have been better majors.

24901   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 10:22am  

Plus a lifetime of artificial hormone injections and recurrent multiple surgeries for the wounds. A cornucopia of surgery fees and Rockefeller medicaments. What could possibly go wrong?

24902   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 10:27am  

Time to mobilize the brain chipped Hazmat army with the next generation of brain implants. We know how this goes. Question is, who is using the contagion fraud to contain their enemies. Chinese AI fire drills with real Chinese transhumans.

24903   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 10:28am  

Who needs yoga when you have MKUltra riot drugs, vaccine neurotoxins and human flesh containing fast foods?

24904   Tenpoundbass   2023 May 26, 10:39am  

What an idiot watching and filming that with a kid in the car. Really?!?
24905   HeadSet   2023 May 26, 10:57am  

Tenpoundbass says

What an idiot watching and filming that with a kid in the car. Really?!?

Well at least the kid knows what some drugs can do. And that girl needs to watch the video as well.
24906   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 11:08am  

Since IRS is a Vatican foreign occupied agency of the foreign occupied foreign city state of Washington DC, I wonder if it was the Pope's bright idea to turn the IRS into another armed militia to persecute the people?

24907   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 11:12am  

All the High Masonic Witch has left is the stale, rattling Satanist inversion using the now dead handle of 'Democracy'? Why doesn't she just come out of the closet and wear a child's skinned face like the 'Democrat Chainsaw Massacre'?

24908   Eric Holder   2023 May 26, 11:14am  

Ceffer says

All the High Masonic Witch has left is the stale, rattling Satanist inversion using the now dead handle of 'Democracy'? Why doesn't she just come out of the closet and wear a dead child's skinned face like the 'Democrat Chainsaw Massacre'?


It was the high point of her life.
24909   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 11:17am  

Just a hopium indicator that Soros and the Tavistock Fabians in MI6 who handle him have lost a bit of their printing press fiat monies and laundered funds and have to be more discretionary? Deep sixing a useful idiot cadre? Time to start murdering them and return the graft to the mother ship?

24910   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 11:25am  

Shit, there goes another Covid $140,000.00 death bounty down the drain. The hospital administrator is going to be pissed. Guess we need to hit somebody over the head and throw them in the back.
24911   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 11:28am  

When the obvious becomes contrarian pseudo science. Take that, MKUltra!

24912   Ceffer   2023 May 26, 11:31am  

I bet the Lone Ranger would have loved these CIA mask jobbers. They say a Bill Clinton body double showed up at some Irish gig recently. Who ever thought Max Headroom was a prophecy?

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