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The Cunt Lip Assassin

By Ceffer follow Ceffer   2019 Mar 22, 4:40pm 766 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Are your cunt lips big and floppy as Dumbo's ears? Do your vaginal folds protrude and drool like an old hound dog's jowls? Do they cling to your leg and stream menstrual mucus and vaginal errata down your leg at the most embarrassing possible moments? Then the Cunt Lip Assassin is for you! Take advantage of thousands of years of ancient wisdoms around clitorectomies, female circumcisions, and infundibulations! Turn your signal corps vaginal lips into the sweet, humble, demure flower they deserve to be. Call this free 800 number now.
Better take advantage of this offer quickly, because Dr. Amir may need to flee back to his non-extradite-able country of origin in case of medical misadventure.


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