Black Hollywood beginning to jump off Democrat Plantation

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Let me guess? The guy is a white supremacist?

Remember, if not for a slight shift in the black vote, Florida might have gotten a terrible socialist Democrat governor. #ThanksKanye

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1   Y   2019 Apr 7, 12:27pm  

2   Goran_K   2019 Apr 7, 2:11pm  

I would flag the comment but your overtly racist garbage and trolling could be classified as idiocy.

I’ll recuse myself.
3   ad   2019 Apr 7, 2:23pm  

Isiah Washington served 4 years in the US Air Force. I remember when Greys Anatomy came out he said that on one of the talk shows that promoted the medical drama.

I think Selleck was 3 years active duty in the US Army.
4   Y   2019 Apr 7, 4:15pm  

Why would you post a derogatory comment about african Americans?
How many people did you hurt with that comment?
Do you ever stop to think before posting?
What are you going to do about a direct attack on a patnetter?
Forget it,I got this.
5   Y   2019 Apr 7, 4:16pm  

Using the N word doesn't make you brave, it makes you look like a coward
6   clambo   2019 Apr 8, 12:10am  

The liberal left doesn't get it; the illegals they love so much are taking jobs and benefits and are competing with blacks for both.
Many blacks see it isn't good for their wage growth and upward mobility to compete with illegals and their anchor children will compete with their children.

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