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WATCH: Comments from Snowden, Chomsky, Varoufakis, Greenwald & Horvat on Julian Assange - Wikileaks

By WillPowers follow WillPowers   2019 Apr 12, 9:48am 354 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

In this video we compile past comments & analysis from experts that were interviewed on acTVism on the topic of Wikileaks & Julian Assange before Assange was arrested. They include in order: Edward Snowden, Yanis Varoufakis, Glenn Greenwald, Srećko Horvat & Noam Chomsky

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That's a great YouTube video. Chomsky is probably more coherent than I have ever heard him and states the case well.

I heard an argument that the Soviet Union broke down from a complete loss of credibility, aka along the lines of Chomsky's citing of David Hume. That was very interesting, because it simply meant that nobody believed ANYTHING that came from the government and it's stooges. The populations had simply, reflexively learned to work around the government where ever they could, including the economies, which increasingly tilted toward organized crime black markets.

This all sounds familiar in the good ole USA these days with the DOJ (Department of Selective Targeting and Enforcement for Political Purposes), the FBI (Department of Assured Mutual Blackmail), the CIA (Department of Corporate, Financial and Military Industrial Malfeasances In Secret), and the Justice System (Department of Arbitrary Legislations and Crushing Expense Taxation). They have worked hard to lose all credibility, and they have. Then, the Department of Goebbel's Bullhorn Agitprop Legacy Whore Press must twist the dialogs. Of course, free speech and free thought are enormous threats. Before performing their crimes, first they have to brainwash and misdirect.

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