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Conservatism, Inc.rejects defending Crowder and suggests surrendering the Social Media War for Free Speech

By NoCoupForYou follow NoCoupForYou   2019 Jun 8, 3:54pm 246 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Quelle Surprise! GOPe recommends surrender, a softer tone, and more circumspect behavior.

Ah, the @BulwarkOnline, conservin' that Conservatism like no one else!


**Of COURSE** the Bulwark endorses the censorship of @scrowder by YouTube.

Because OF COURSE they do.

That's what Conservatives do, right? 🤔…
We're only in year 2 1/2 or so of Trump and these grifter cockroaches have been forced to shed their masks and show EVERYBODY what they really stand for.
Watching these ass clowns pat us condescendingly on the head while they go "Tut tut, my boy! Tut tut! This censorship passes muster with us, so the problem must be that you simply don't understand the issue here!"
These people NEVER fought for us.

They're bullshit talkers.

Always coming up with excuses why it's time to retreat, why this isn't the hill to die on, perhaps we can reach an accomodation with the fanatics of the Left, etc. etc.
You know why these guys running Conservative Inc. as a segment of the GOP establishment could NEVER seem to apply enough pressure to do something useful like, say, get Planned Parenthood defunded?

Becaus they don't REALLY want to do that.
And since Trump got into the White House, *something* happened after the GOP *YET AGAIN* demonstrated several times it will NEVER follow through on all those promises to defund PP.
The grassroots Conservatives in the individual STATES have now taken over & are going on the offensive. They *FINALLY* stopped waiting for the national GOP to lead on this.
And right now as a concentrated effort gets underway to deplatform Conservatives on social media, here's the usual suspects standing over there stroking their chins and pontificating about how corporations can do this, the rest of us just confused about this issue.
Oh trust me on this.

The only thing we Conservatives were *CONFUSED* about was who was really on our side and who was really going to fight for us.
Anybody waiting for Kristol or Goldberg or French to come jump in the foxhole with them will be waiting for an awful long time.

ADDENDUM: In President Donald Trump, we now have a President who doesn't just TALK about fighting the culture war....he actually FIGHTS IT and INTENDS TO WIN IT.
Conservative Inc. always *talked* a good game about the Culture War on issues like immigration, abortion, trade, defense, crime, etc.

But Conservative Inc. is a segment of the DC elite political establishment. It's actually a functioning PART of what it says it wants to change
The *moment* anybody in Conservative Inc. whether in media or Congress or the White House made any kind of real move to advance the ball in the culture war, the Left rolled out it's usual histrionic tactics & forced them to RETREAT.
Tantrums, name calling, hit jobs in the media, protests, they all *conditioned* these Conservative Inc. types to accept that "I'm safe as long as I'm just TALKING."

And now?

Now Conservatives even TALKING is getting them deplatformed on social media.
And where's our Conservative Inc. heroes and heroines as people like @scrowder get deplatformed before our eyes?

Standing over their stroking their chins & "explaining" that "You're not saying the right things so you're bringing this on yourselves."
Once again, since Trump became President & demonstrated how somebody who really intends to WIN the culture war would fight it & exposed all these Conservative Inc. hucksters, they are going out of their way to demonstrate to the rest of us just how USELESS they are.
While Trump & the rest of us are standing and holding our ground & fighting to make gains, Conservative Inc. is over there well behind the front lines criticizing how we are making gains in this culture war.
These exposed huckters stand well to the rear of the fight, pontificating to anyone who still listens to them that all the gains being made are being done the 'wrong' way.

Trump's not the 'right' guy to be doing this.

His strategy is all 'wrong'.

THEIR way would be 'better'!


Every single time the Progressives & Democrats & DNC Media came after you & yelled "BOO!" you ducked for cover and retreated.

You decided YOUR OWN CAREER SAFETY was more important than bringing change.
Trump doesn't HAVE a political future to protect. Once he's done being President, his political career is over. He's not looking to cash in by raking in speaking fees and cushy lobbying jobs or joining a posh think tank once his time in the White House is done.
Trump has ALWAYS been an outsider. The DC establishment NEVER considered him one of theirs. He was a crude, boorish celebrity, nothing more. He wasn't fit to polish their resumes.

He's an outsider right now in the White House & when he's done in 2024 he'll STILL be an outsider
This is why ALL THE USUAL TACTICS that the Progressive Front of Democrats in DC, the DNC Media Complex, Hollywood, academia bring to bear on him DON'T WORK.

What makes guys like Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol & David French duck & run for cover, Trump laughs & keeps going.
After two and a half years, this is what's causing a lot of the PANIC you are now seeing as the Democratic party leadership & the Never Trump Conservative Inc. hucksters descend into absolute incoherence.


All they can do is YELL MORE LOUDLY, throw a BIGGER TANTRUM, try ever more outrageous FAKE NEWS SMEARS.

And they're not working.
Every huckster that's part of Conservative Inc. LUSTS for the respect and admiration of the DC establishment. They CRAVE it, they DESPERATELY SEEK IT.

They lie in their beds at night dreaming about glowing reviews of their latest columns/books in the DNC Media.
Trust me on this: Trump does NOT dream at night about what sucker uppery he could do to get the DNC Media Complex to write glowing reviews about him.
All those Tweets/interviews where Trump loudly complains about DNC Media not covering him fairly or reporting on his success is calculated to goad them into exposing themselves even further by rushing out more fake attacks on him.
Understand this: Trump *cultivates* the narrative that he is *neurotically obsessed* with his own media coverage, it's all he really cares about, it's in his head 24/7.

It's an act.

It's not real.

He's TROLLING them into exposing themselves even further.
So here's the crucial difference between Trump & the fakers of Conservative Inc.:

Conservative Inc. hucksters will make a show of taking a round or two of a media firestorm before 'retreating with dignity intact'.

Trump will actually TROLL the media into ATTACKING HIM HARDER.
I know who I'd want in a foxhole in the front lines of the Culture War for America's Future if I had to pick between Goldberg, French, Kristol, or Trump.

And if anybody thinks I'm *exaggerating* how the Conservative Inc. take on actual Conservatives being deplatformed on social media is "this is not the hill to fight on!", just read THIS:
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