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Oberlin College useless dumbass professor is a white man hating man

By willywonka follow willywonka   2019 Jun 10, 3:51pm 908 views   16 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Meredith Raimondo is Oberlin’s latest vice president and dean of students after filling the position on an interim basis since July 2016.

As dean of students, Raimondo will lead Oberlin’s Division of Student Life that supports students by creating more seamless connections between curricular and cocurricular experiences, advising and mentoring focused on the development of life skills and interpersonal and personal growth, and building and bridging intellectual and personal communities. She previously served as special assistant to the president for equity, inclusion, and diversity and Title IX coordinator.

Raimondo joined the Oberlin community in 2003, as one of the professors in the newly formed Department of Comparative American Studies. CAS focuses on the comparative,” Raimondo said in 2003, how diversity affects Americans at home and abroad, and what this means when we look at the role of the United States in a global context.

She has taught courses spanning the themes of gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity studies, social justice, and HIV/AIDS.

In 2014, she was recognized with an Excellence in Teaching Award and later that year was appointed special assistant to the president for diversity, equity, and inclusion and Title IX coordinator, a position for which she oversees institutional policy to ensure all students’ needs are being met under Title IX guidelines.

See: Protests at Oberlin labeled a bakery racist. Now, the college has been ordered to pay $11 million for libel.

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She looks like she enjoys sewing.
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For a little more context, see this profile of Oberlin (May, 2016) from the New Yorker The Big Uneasy: What’s roiling the liberal-arts campus?
In mid-December, a group of black students wrote a fourteen-page letter to the school’s board and president outlining fifty nonnegotiable demands for changes in Oberlin’s admissions and personnel policies, academic offerings, and the like. “You include Black and other students of color in the institution and mark them with the words ‘equity, inclusion and diversity,’ ” it said, “when in fact this institution functions on the premises of imperialism, white supremacy, capitalism, ableism, and a cissexist heteropatriarchy.”
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Oberlin Eyes Enrollment Swap
Like many other small private colleges, Oberlin faces challenging financial times ahead. In addition to structural deficits that could last several years if unaddressed, Ambar said, Oberlin is confronting the reality of smaller numbers of high school graduates in the Northeast that puts it at a distinct disadvantage, since unlike many larger colleges, it primarily serves traditional-age students.

The extra revenue from more liberal arts students can’t come fast enough. Last June, the board approved a $160 million budget that included a projected $4.7 million deficit. Without making cuts, the college’s deficit could have been as high as $9 million this year, an "unsustainable" figure that would hamper Oberlin's ability to offer financial aid "and to invest in our faculty, staff and campus," college officials said in an open letter to campus.
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willywonka says
She has taught courses spanning the themes of gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity studies, social justice, and HIV/AIDS.

Christ on a cracker. Does anybody in these schools even think any more?
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Ceffer says
Christ on a cracker. Does anybody in these schools even think any more?

Outside science and engineering departments, very few.
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Maximum penalty of $22M

So looks like Oberlin is on the hook for $33M. Somewhat less if the State caps apply.
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HonkpilledMaster says
So looks like Oberlin is on the hook for $33M.

Tuition rise and hiring of a few dozen diversity facilitators coming next year.
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Political Correctness dying an ugly, thrashing, stentorian college death.

Right On!
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This is great news!

The general public is starting to see the pure evil that PC culture pushes.
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Ceffer says
willywonka says
She has taught courses spanning the themes of gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity studies, social justice, and HIV/AIDS.

Christ on a cracker. Does anybody in these schools even think any more?

My university brought in a diversity officer who both taught to students and implemented a "regret is rape" policy. Within 18 months she had destroyed some boy's life. School eventually settled w the kid anonymously , DO is still there I think . Why fire an administrator for ignoring a student's human rights? He's just a white male, after all.
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The WaPo article began with a statement that the student “was hoping to leave with a couple bottles of wine.”
That’s a typically (for the WaPo) disingenuous way of saying that the dude was trying to steal liquor. He was 19 and not old enough to buy, but was going to just steal it instead. When the owner caught him and tried to stop him, he assaulted the owner and called in his friends to help beat up the owner. Then when he was arrested with his friends, he got a story out around that he was racially profiled and the bakery was racist.
Then the college administrators not only bought his story but organized messy protests and defamed the small business, warning people away. When a professor took the side of the business owner, Raimondo the Hut said in an internal memo “fuck him!”

She and her ilk are the cancer rotting out the heart of this country.
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Quigley says
When a professor took the side of the business owner, Raimondo the Hut said in an internal memo “fuck him!”

Interesting, I just realized that Prof. Copeland was part of the New Yorker article I posted above.
Here he's mentioned in Legal Insurrection's play by play of the Oberlin verdict.
Roger Copeland, a retired Oberlin College professor of theater and dance, was in the courtroom and seemed ecstatic after the jury came back with their verdict. Prof. Copeland is somewhat famous in the courtroom for getting this response on a Raimondo text to co-workers after a letter-to-the editor he wrote was critical of the school for their handling of the Gibson’ affair. “Fuck him,” Raimondo responded in a text message about Copeland. “I’d say unleash the students if I wasn’t convinced this needs to be put behind us.”

“I’m exhilarated by this verdict,” Copeland said, whose wife Michele worked at the school in food service and testified she was under orders by the school to cut the business off from the cafeteria bagels and pastries they provided because of the student unrest.

“What is most amazing about this trial is that the public was able to see what the process really was in how the school goes about its business,” Copeland said. “It’s almost like the mask has been ripped off the face and we can now see what the face really looks like.”

From the New Yorker (circa 2016):
“On or about December, 2014, student character changed,” Roger Copeland, a professor of theatre and dance, announced early one afternoon. We were sitting at a table in the Feve, a college-town grill. Copeland was wearing an extremely loud Hawaiian shirt. He has thinning silver hair, glasses that darken in the sunlight, and a theatrical style of diction that most people reserve for wild anecdotes at noisy cocktail parties. At one point, I looked up from my notepad to find that he had donned a rubber nose and glasses.

Copeland has taught at Oberlin since the nineteen-seventies. He was puzzled by many things about today’s students—“They do not make eye contact! They do not look into your motherfucking eyes!”—but what galled him most was their apparent eagerness to go over their professors’ heads. In the late fall of 2014, during rehearsals for a play he was coördinating, he spoke sharply to a student: a misfire not of language, he says, but of tone. The student ran out of the room. Copeland says that he wanted to smooth ruffled feathers and keep the production on track, so he agreed to meet with the student and his department chair. At the meeting, the student asked that he leave the room, and she and the department head spoke alone for about half an hour.

Later, the dean of arts and sciences asked to meet with him. He reported complaints that Copeland had created “a hostile and unsafe learning environment,” and that he had “verbally berated” a student—but said that it must be kept confidential which student or incidents were concerned. Then the dean asked Copeland to sign a document acknowledging that a complaint had been lodged against him.

“I’m thinking, Oh, God! I’m cast in one of my least favorite plays of all time, ‘The Crucible,’ by Arthur Miller!” he told me. He gave the dean a list of students he thought could confirm that he hadn’t “berated” anyone. He says the list was brushed aside: “They said, ‘What matters is that the student felt unsafe.’ ” Then he was told that, because gender could have been a factor, the issue was being investigated as a possible Title IX violation. That inquiry was later dropped; by then, Copeland had hired a lawyer. In September, 2015, the original inquiry was still going on, and Copeland said that the dean told him that if he wouldn’t meet without his lawyer he would be brought before the Professional Conduct Review Committee. Copeland and his lawyer welcomed that idea: the committee process would bring some daylight. They never heard back.

The experience left Copeland feeling wary and ideologically confused. During his student years, in the late sixties, he had been arrested many times at protests. In 1996, when Oberlin’s then president criticized Tribe 8, the queercore punk band, for a campus performance involving a dildo, Copeland argued that stage performances should be protected as artistic expression. Students cheered him. Now he feels his survey course, History of the Western Theatre—the field he had been hired to teach—has been getting the evil eye.

“One of the hypocrisies of the call for a globalized curriculum is that the people calling for it don’t give a flying fuck if a subject is being taught properly,” he told me. He says that he lobbied his department for years to hire a scholar of East Asian theatre to help balance out his Western expertise. Instead, he sees a game of retitling courses and bowing to complaints in a transparent attempt to appease the college’s crucial customers: the students.

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