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China buzzed a Canadian Ship on Monday. Then on Friday Justin was sat next to Xi. Rather than confronting him, he tried to chat up Bolsonaro. That didn't end well. LOL

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Chinese fighter jets “buzzed” two Canadian naval ships as they sailed through the East China Sea this week, Canadian military authorities confirmed on Thursday.
The incident occurred on Monday afternoon when two Su-30 warplanes flew within 300 meters of the frigate HMCS Regina and MV Asterix, around 30 meters above the ocean surface, the military said in a statement. A laser emanating from a nearby fishing boat also targeted a Canadian navy helicopter, they added.

“This particular fly-past by the two PLA aircraft was not provocative, hazardous or unexpected, given the proximity of the Operation Neon operating area to China,” said Canadian military spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier. “During her deployment, HMCS Regina was shadowed by a number of different ships and saw aircraft while in the East China Sea.”

“The Chinese and Taiwanese forces that were seen nearby during our transit were not unexpected — they are known to be present in the strait,” he continued. “Nothing in the interactions between vessels or radio communications was unsafe or unprofessional.”

Both ships had just completed a visit to Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay and were destined to Northeast Asia to join a multinational effort to prevent goods smuggling into North Korea.
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Justin is SUCH a pussy...

Which makes him the more representative PM for Canadians.
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Love how nobody wants to deal with Castro's Cuckold Child:

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