Who just felt that?

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2019 Jul 5, 8:26pm   1,365 views  3 comments

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Pretty good rolling shaker felt in Vandenberg Village, CA. I just heard it was another big 7.1 quake in Ridgecrest!

Anybody else feel it?

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1   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2019 Jul 5, 8:58pm  

In South Bay, it went on for a good while...maybe 2-3 minutes.

If anything’s right in the world, half the assholes in Los Angees move away.
2   BayArea   2019 Jul 5, 9:16pm  

Visiting Bakersfield... definitely felt it here (100 miles from Ridgecrest). Pool water was fluctuating by 6inches or so.
3   Automan Empire   2019 Jul 5, 9:26pm  

Felt in Long Beach/Mid-Cities area of LA, about 160mi S of epicenter. Yesterday morning was pretty strong for the distance, I was sitting still indoors. Tonight 7.1 I was outdoors, wondering why the trailer I'm working on keeps rattling, stand up and I'm swaying. Watched wires, signal poles, and hanging plants swing and shake. Continued for quite a time, 60sec at least.

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