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Carl Bernstein laments their careless accusations and coverage of the Russia Collusion hoax, back fired on Joe Biden, and other prominent White Liberals.

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CARL BERNSTEIN: I think we’ve made a big mistake in the press about how we’ve covered the Mueller report. We’ve gotten totally wrapped up in warfare in the Congress between Republicans and Democrats and is there obstruction of justice or is there not obstruction of justice. In fact, there are dozens and dozens of leads in there about Trump’s business dealings — things having to do with women as well that we know about from elsewhere and trying to keep women silent who have been in his past, about his business dealings, about oligarchs, about money laundering, about Ponzi schemes.

Look, biography is everything. Let’s look at Joe Biden, who has a 30-year record that is under the microscope right now. He’s suffering partly because of it. Our job in the press is to look at these candidates, and that includes Donald Trump’s 35-year public record, in business life. It is a record of astonishing disarming conduct as a so-called businessman, when in fact, there is a tremendous amount of illegitimate business activity. It’s been demonstrated. We need to be looking at every aspect of it.
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