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Pinterest insider, Eric Cochran, who exposed internal blacklist speaks out – calls big tech companies “dark censorship bureaus”

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Eric Cochran, a software engineer and former Pinterest employee who leaked documents that show Pinterest is suppressing Christian, conservative, and pro-life content, has shed more light on big tech’s secretive censorship practices. In interviews with political commentator Tucker Carlson and Project Veritas, the organization that worked with Cochran to expose Pinterest’s censorship, he talked about the internal culture at Pinterest, his subsequent firing, and the way big tech companies work in concert to censor certain ideas.

Cochran initially spoke to Project Veritas anonymously while he was working at Pinterest and provided leaked documents that exposed Pinterest’s internal blacklists and blocklists. These blacklists and blocklists were being used to censor Christian, conservative, and pro-life content on Pinterest by blocking certain terms from auto-complete in search and preventing its users from linking to certain sites.

After Project Veritas released its first report on Pinterest’s censorship, Cochran was fired from Pinterest and has now decided to go public. In addition to being a former Pinterest employee, Cochran says that he speaks at tech conferences and has contributed to many open source code projects that are used in most of the major apps that people use on their phones each day.

Here’s a summary of what Cochran covered in his interviews with Carlson and Project Veritas:

On why he stepped forward

Cochran said he saw wrongdoing inside Pinterest and decided to take action. He added that there’s a huge bystander effect in Silicon Valley and that there’s an imminent threat to not just pro-life supporters and conservatives but free speech in general and the idea of people versus the establishment.

Cochran also said that he was inspired by an insider at Facebook who previously leaked documents to Project Veritas which suggested that the company was throttling live videos on conservative pages...

I just saw this guy speak at a meetup ( https://www.meetup.com/bayareacwc/ ) and was very impressed by his determination to do the right thing, even at a large cost to himself.
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Patrick, my wife got to meet you but I (the big guy in the back row) didn't. Next time.

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