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Losers have debt that they can't pay off,right now.

By HEYYOU follow HEYYOU   2019 Jul 18, 12:16pm 218 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

" It's true for the entire stock market. Buybacks, funded with debt, are a noose around your neck you cannot get rid of. The shares are repurchased, you bought them at a fixed price but when they're worth less on the open market you have a loss you cannot get rid of and, much worse, you have a forward obligation to pay that interest forever on your loss-making transaction! There's only one thing worse than a loss-making transaction and that's one that never, ever stops costing you more and more money!"

How's everyone doing with paying off their personal debt?

"Drifter" comment - "Total insanity. What the ** happened to this country?"
126,000,000 Republican & Democratic voters.
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They just keep rolling the debt over. They want the shares so they can sell later, or convert.
But personal debt, delinquency rates are probably up or steady.
Maybe all this debt is why 1 in 3 Americans have problems sleeping at night.
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Cash reserves for 38 years with no new income at current burn rate.

Once CANNIBAL! ANARCHY! emerges that will stretch even longer as I'll be able to buy a town with its occupants for a can of yams.

We're all qualified in tripod mounted machine guns and scoped rifles.

Kids just finished a course on grenade handling.

Life is good.

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