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Was James Mattis complicit in the Theranos fraud

By tovarichpeter follow tovarichpeter   2019 Sep 5, 8:21am 2,919 views  5 comments           share      

1   Tenpoundbass   2019 Sep 5, 8:26am  

If the Trump curse doesn't get him, the ungrateful Liberals will turn on you. Mess with Trump at your own peril.
2   SunnyvaleCA   2019 Sep 5, 10:36am  

Eh. Another hit piece form Vox. What's new.

Theranos was a well-staged con to be sure. Who knows what Mattis' comprehension of the technology was. Given that the inventor and CEO only got a $500k fine... oh, wait... Mattis, who is less culpable, worked for Trump so he'll probably get 15 to life.
3   tovarichpeter   2019 Sep 5, 10:46am  

Actually the two principals in the Theranos fraud have been charged criminally and have not yet been tried
4   MisdemeanorRebel   2019 Sep 5, 12:07pm  

Have you looked at the Board of Theranos? How about David Boies, the Al Gore advocate in the 2000 Election Debacle? The lawyer for Weinstein, Michael Moore, Larry Lessig in various suits.
5   tovarichpeter   2019 Sep 5, 4:08pm  

David Boies took stock instead of cash for representing Theranos. Theranos stock is worthless.

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