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Trump needs to have our National Weather Service cleared of Idiots, Bafoons, and Propagandists

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2019 Sep 7, 8:04am 298 views   5 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Let's be clear here, I didn't even stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I knew that the Huricane was not going to break past the Florida Coast, due to the high pressure that had been over Florida for the last 2 weeks. The same system that prevented that unnamed storm from forming that was blocking Dorian from steam rolling through Florida. I knew all of this on 08/28 when they were making the whole state of Florida panic and clear the shelves at Publix and Home Depot.

Now for these sorry mother fucking assholes to turn around and bitch about MY President making remarks, based on misinformation those sorry cock suckers fed him. Fuck them and that, time to clean house. I hope that's what all of this was about. Trump just exposing the anti American assholes working in NOAA and the National Weather Service. They are sucking up our Tax dollars while they work against us. Just more of the Swamp that needs to go. They manipulate every storm that forms. Everything they say, goes against the 50 years of listening closely and following the weather in the Tropics. I'm quite certain, that physics when it comes to weather, behaves the same damn way today as it has the last 50 years I've been watching.

Thanks President Trump, get them the hell out of there. Clean HOUSE, America does not need this Shit.

National Weather Service workers are 'disgusted' at their NOAA bosses for 'throwing them under the bus' and backing Trump's claim that Hurricane Dorian WAS headed for Alabama as 'Sharpiegate' rumbles on
NWS union chief said its workers were 'irate, stunned and shocked' at bosses
On September 1, Trump said Dorian was likely headed towards Alabama
The NWS in Birmingham, Alabama, quickly tweeted that it was not
Since then, Trump has used outdated maps to prove he was not making it up but basing his tweet on information that had been given to him
One map he held up at a press conference had the state of Alabama circled with what appeared to be a black sharpie
On Friday, the NOAA (the umbrella agency for the NWS) supported him publicly
It said the NWS was wrong to have stated absolutely that Alabama was not at risk
NWS workers say their bosses turned on them and have put lives at risk
As of Saturday morning, Dorian was heading up the northeast coast and New England is now at risk
There are hurricane warnings in effect in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
Heavy wind, rain and waves will also be seen in Massachusetts and Maine
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Yeah, another bunch of idiots at the National Weather Service; they don't know where a storm is going any more than I know where the ball running down the street will hit the curb.

I was in S. Florida in 2016 when they said on local TV "the hurricane will land in N. Palm beach." Not maybe, nor probably, but will.

They said that there was a high tide corresponding with the storm surge (the same thing happened up in N. Jersey and NYC with Sandy which was a storm not a hurricane).

A talking head dimwit said on TV "That's not like throwing gasoline on a fire; that's throwing gasoline on a bomb!" It was supposed to be a combined height of like 12 feet, which is a normal winter swell in N. California.

I was watching it and laughing my ass off at the inane comment.

My friends were all freaking out and I said "come over to my place if you are scared; the building is solid and we are in an area with underground power supply, and a couple miles inland; I have Sterno to boil water to make coffee if the power goes out."

Where I was in N. California we had an earthquake in 89 which demolished 40% of the downtown and some people got crushed and the power was off.
In 83 a big storm was washing away Hwy1 and rock and mudslides closed the road to San Jose, while mudslides buried houses and killed people inside.
A fire was once threatening to spread to the town; I woke up and saw the ashes on my car like light snow.
The largest swell one winter was 50 feet measured by a buoy which has a maximum measurement of 50 feet, so it could actually have been larger.

I guess fear of natural disasters is all relative.
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Entire government is full of idiots. I’m all for draining that swamp.
4   Ceffer   ignore (5)   2019 Sep 8, 12:23pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Tenpoundbass says
Trump needs to have our National Weather Service cleared of Idiots, Bafoons, and Propagandists

Will we have a NWS left any more?

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