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Your health or your replacements, pick one! You can't have both.

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Alzheimer’s and cancer funds diverted to care for illegal immigrants: Malkin book

Even after spending billions of dollars this year, the federal government is running out of money to care for thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, forcing the diversion of funds for Head Start and Alzheimer’s and cancer research, according to a new book from Michelle Malkin.

In Open Borders Inc.: Who's Funding America's Destruction? the conservative columnist and best-selling author said that the Department of Health and Human Services has spent $2.1 billion to care for illegal immigrant families this year, just part of overall U.S. spending on the migrant crisis.

That includes $1.3 billion for “illegal alien resettlement and child welfare operations.”

And she said that Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has had to divert $831 million to cover a funding gap. “Those funds for illegal alien families were transferred from HHS programs designed to help Americans, including Head Start, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initiatives, cancer prevention, and Alzheimer’s care,” she reported.

Secrets was provided with the excerpt that detailed the funding. The book, published by Regnery, is set for release on Tuesday.

In it, Malkin added that the U.S. Border Patrol from just one sector in Arizona has spent $1 million on “humanitarian costs” for families and unaccompanied illegal immigrants this year.

That is three times what the Yuma Sector spent last year and it covers food, diapers, clothes, baby formula, and other items.
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I still don’t get why they won’t just shut down border and turn away 100%.
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How about Trump Rep/Cons diverting funds from the military,FEMA to build a wall?

If that reduces number of illegals, the cost savings will easily surpass it. Call it an investment into the future generation.

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