Tlaib Has Promoted Four Viral Racial Hoaxes in 2019

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2019 Oct 2, 7:22am   746 views  6 comments

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) has promoted at least four racially charged hoaxes or debunked stories on Twitter in 2019 and failed to issue statements retracting or correcting her comments.

The most recent example: the case of Amari Allen, a black 12-year-old girl in Virginia who claimed three white boys in her class pinned her down and cut off her dreadlocks. Allen has since recanted the story, but Tlaib has not issued a correction or deleted her tweet praising Allen as "courageous & strong" and having a "power that threatens their core." ...

Tlaib was among numerous progressive politicians and pundits who rushed to judgment about the Covington Catholic incident in January at the Lincoln Memorial. Initial videos and media reports made it seem as though Trump-supporting high schoolers had mocked and harassed a Native American man peacefully beating a drum, but further investigation revealed severe inaccuracies in those assumptions.

"This is so hard to watch," Tlaib tweeted, linking to one of the early videos. "It reminds us of the growing hate & oppression we are all up against." ...

Tlaib didn't delete any of her tweets in these four instances, and the Washington Free Beacon could find no record of her posting follow-ups giving a clearer picture of the stories. Her office didn't respond to a request for comment.

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1   BayArea   2019 Oct 2, 7:37am  

What a fucking asshole. Agenda more important than the truth.
2   Shaman   2019 Oct 2, 8:15am  

BayArea says
What a fucking asshole. Agenda more important than the truth.

She is a Palestinian. Can’t think of any good ones. All assholes.
3   SunnyvaleCA   2019 Oct 2, 11:22am  

And, as Trump has pointed out, she and 3 other crazies basically control the democratic party agenda in congress.
4   GNL   2019 Oct 2, 12:20pm  

BayArea says
What a fucking asshole. Agenda more important than the truth.

It's easy to understand once you realize who the racists are.
5   Patrick   2021 Dec 1, 1:50pm  


But Jussie Smollett (pronounced Juicy Smool-YAY) wasn’t finished just yet. With a half-eaten Subway sandwich by his side and a noose still draped around his neck, he called the cops to report the fairy tale.

Unfortunately for Jussie, the police then began to do what police tend to do, and his fake hate crime began to fall apart. Those Trumpian thugs turned out to be Nigerian brothers and associates of Smollett. Some six weeks later, the Cook County State’s Attorney office filed a 16-count felony indictment against him, including charges that he’d staged the attack and made numerous false statements to police. On top of that, Smollett had earlier added to his legal jeopardy when he engaged in a bit of mail fraud by sending himself a racially threatening letter. But then, just three weeks later, the same state’s attorney office dropped the charges in exchange for 15 hours of community service and the forfeiture of his $10,000 bond. How his legal team quietly managed to work such a sweetheart deal behind the scenes is but one more example of our two-tiered justice system — one system for those on the Left, and another for those on the Right — and it should trouble every American who believes in equal justice under the law.
6   Patrick   2022 Feb 18, 6:17pm  

Yet another hoax:

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