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Japan's Version of Self-Hatred

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Historical Basis
According to Anti-Japaneseism, the original inhabitants of the Japanese archipelago were lawless agriculturalists, but were invaded by an equestrian tribe from whom the current imperial family descends. Those who resisted the conquest became burakumin.[3] The suppression continued through the 19th century as the imperial regime conquered the Ryukyuans and Ainu. Thus, the history of Japan is defined as "a history of invasion and exploitation".[1]
Final solution

The so-called "final solution" of Anti-Japaneseism is to wipe the nation called "Japan" from the face of the earth and exterminate the Japanese race. Because, as described in the above historical theory, Japan is inherently evil, the continued existence of Japanese people is incompatible with peace.[3] East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front member Yoshimasa Kurosawa affirms that he is not opposed to any particular Japanese political regime, but to the existence of Japan itself.[1]
Strategy for Japanese ruin

The East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front has suggested a scenario which could lead to the ruin of Japan. They would invade South Korea and topple the current "pro-Japanese" regime, replacing it with a military regime that is openly anti-Japanese. Japan, owing to its naturally aggressive nature, would invade Korea in response, but then the Anti-Japaneseists could employ their terrorist networks to cause havoc in Korea similar to the Vietnam War and drain Japan's financial and political strength, which would allow its swift downfall.[1]
Influence on Japanese society

Since the eclipse of New Left influence this group has been thought of as a bizarre cult. The activist who came up with the name "Anti-Japaneseism" has since left the group and describes it as "Satanic". The journalist Toshinao Sasaki describes life within the group as "insane".[4] The education scholar Akira Moriguchi calls it a "violent ideology" and self-contradictory.[5]

It has been suggested, however, that this ideology has provided the basis for several ongoing leftist protests as well as Aum Shinrikyo's gas attacks.[6]


Note the similarities with 1619
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Japan went from strong and proud nation, to Americanized sissy self loathing nation?
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Fortwaynemobile says
Japan went from strong and proud nation, to Americanized sissy self loathing nation?

This is just one group, which had membership overlap with the Subway Gas Attack many years ago.

I think it helps create a pathology; there are xenocentrics and oikophobes in every society

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