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She found out her baby daddy had 16.5 million dollars, she got her ass over to Maury Povich today!

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2019 Nov 20, 1:43pm 553 views  12 comments           share      


A DNA test showed Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is indeed the father of an Arkansas woman’s baby.

In June of this year, a 28-year-old Arkansas woman claimed that Hunter Biden was the father of her 10-month-old child — and she sued to prove it.

Lunden Alexis Roberts claimed Hunter Biden fathered her child while he was in a relationship with his own late brother’s wife (former sister-in-law), Hallie Biden.

Hunter Biden previously denied having any relationship with Lunden Alexis Roberts, but agreed to take a DNA test when she sued him.
1   HeadSet   2019 Nov 20, 2:20pm  

Hunter Biden previously denied having any relationship with Lunden Alexis Roberts, but agreed to take a DNA test when she sued him.

Wonder why Hunter Biden took a DNA test he knew he would lose? Hoping she was banging other guys, I guess.
2   MisdemeanorRebel   2019 Nov 20, 2:55pm  

This is a Russian-Grey plot.

Putin had the Greys artificially inseminate Roberts and wiped her memory.
3   ignoreme   2019 Nov 20, 4:04pm  

Gosh, what great people the Democrats are.

Of course Trump once grabbed a pussy, we can’t forget that.
4   Ceffer   2019 Nov 20, 4:25pm  

All of this is irrelevant. Putin fucks Trump in the ass, and he bribes foreigners to impugn the sainted Democrats. Dems didn' do nuffin!
5   clambo   2019 Nov 20, 6:08pm  

Time to find a new gig to pay for that kid's college Hunter.

His present girlfriend will not like this development.

Factoid: no matter how much money you have, your girlfriend hates you paying any of it to another female.

No coke for you.
6   Karloff   2019 Nov 20, 9:02pm  

I'd like to see the paternity test results for Chelsea Clinton.
10   Patrick   2019 Nov 30, 11:12am  


Hunter Biden filed the motion for a Protective Order of his financial records in the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence on Wednesday
Biden cites fears that such information would be used 'maliciously' by the media
Any such disclosures, Biden's attorneys claim, would also cause their client 'undue prejudice, annoyance, embarrassment, and/or oppression'
The filing comes just over a week after Biden was revealed to be the father of 28-year-old Lunden Robert's child, having met her at a DC strip club
While Roberts is said to agree that a Protective Prder is appropriate, she has so far refused to fully commit to the current terms demanded by Biden
Roberts is suing Biden for $11K in legal fees as well as child support payments
In addition to the Protective Order, Biden is also requesting an upcoming December 2 hearing be delayed until a decision on the Protective Order is made
The former Ukraine energy executive goes on to admit he has incurred 'significant debts' partially caused by his April 2017 divorce to Kathleen Biden
11   Tenpoundbass   2019 Nov 30, 12:38pm  


You know this mother fucker is a damn crack head, he done spent all of that Oligarch money, on Crack, Crack hoes and Crack plugs.

Hunter Biden Claims He’s In Debt, Unemployed with No Monthly Income as He Fights His Baby Mama Lunden Roberts in Child Support Lawsuit

Hunter Biden claimed in a sworn statement that he is currently in debt, unemployed with no monthly income.

‘In an effort to demonstrate to this court my good faith, I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,’ Biden’s statement reads.


Dildos and ‘Dallas’: How Crack-Smoking Hunter Biden Chose to Relax After a Long Day on the Burisma Board
As reported yesterday by Cassandra Fairbanks — Hunter Biden’s fondness for strip clubs continues to unfold, revelations came out on Wednesday that not only did he impregnate a DC stripper, he also had sex toys used on him by dancers at the Hustler Club in New York City.
12   Ceffer   2019 Nov 30, 3:47pm  

The family knew something was up when she named the baby 'Burisma'.

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