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Mahone, who started attending the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago in 2017 to pursue a degree in graphic design, said the for-profit school unexpectedly closed the following year. The parent company, Dream Center Education Holdings, lost accreditation in January 2018.

“Once they lost their accreditation, well, we shouldn't have been responsible for the debt that was encouraged to continue to incur,” said Mahone. “I did my part. I went to school, I applied myself. I sacrificed, I committed. I stand here today with no bachelor's degree. But I have debt — debt that I was told doesn't mean anything to them. I was denied the closed school discharge. I was denied to have my loans relieved.”

HORSESHIT - DeVos is being blamed because of her association with ORANGEMANBAD. If they want to sue someone, sue accrediting agencies.

How colleges and universities get accredited.

Earning an accreditation in the United States is a voluntary, nongovernmental process. Schools request to be evaluated and/or have their programs evaluated by an independent accrediting agency. The agency sets its own standards that the school must meet in order to earn their accreditation, and since accrediting agencies vary in their quality standards, some are considered more prestigious than others. Which one a school pursues depends on what standard of quality the school hopes to achieve and to maintain.

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And what about not-for-profit schools that misrepresent starting salaries of their grads and job placement rates?
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willywonka says
And what about not-for-profit schools that misrepresent starting salaries of their grads and job placement rates?

Nearly all do, and some of it is simply that data is difficult to collect. Why would a graduate bother telling school what he earns at the point where school does not matter any more?

There is nowadays a US Dept of Education website where you can find these data and I believe Ms. DeVos and her office was instrumental in creating it: https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/. Note that before ORANGEMANBAD there was no unified and easy-to-navigate place where students could see outcomes of their education.

It takes a special stupid and/or corrupt to accredit school that will give out art/music/gender studies majors that obviously are in extremely high demand, and where teachers are non-tenured staff who can be pressured in giving everyone an A.
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Only STEM majors offer a fair ROI. Otherwise go to a community college

P.S. STEM does NOT include alternative medicine, chiropractic, counseling or psychology.
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This isn't a student loan scam so much as a bogus college/school scam that is exacerbated by government student loan availability.

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