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An Act Of Christmas Kindness 36 Years Ago

By ohomen171 follow ohomen171   2019 Dec 24, 7:40pm 124 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

#christmaskindnessAfter surviving over seven decades over seven decades, it is good to stop and reflect on what one has learned. We all have had people who broke out hearts, took advantage of us, betrayed us, etc. It is best to reflect on the lessons learned. It is not good to be hateful or bitter toward these people. What one should always treasure are the memories of people who were kind to you when you were helpless and in bad circumstances.
My mind goes back 36 years. It is Christmas, 1983. I was living in the small town of Albany, West Australia. I had lost my wife Maria. I was facing a huge legal battle with the full power of the US government (By the way, I won that battle in 1984 and went into the legal history books in two countries.) I was broke and friendless.
I went to a small church in the town. Two of my fellow worshippers were Len and Eve Lees. They knew how sad and lonely I was. They invited me to spend Christmas with them in their humble cottage. We ate a very traditional British Christmas dinner. They gave me the one Christmas gift that I got that year. In British English it was “a tin of biscuits.” In American English, it was a metal box containing simple cookies. I was so touched by their kindness. I have never forgotten it.
Len worked at a small printing company and did not have much money. He did have a fascinating story in life that I will now share with you. Len and Eve were from Britain. They met and married in the late 1930’s. When World War II came in 1939, Len enlisted in the British Army. He became a humble foot soldier in the infantry. Len fought with General Montgomery in North Africa.
His next assignment was the invasion of Sicily. The US Army did something brilliant here. They filled the ranks of the invading troops with Italian Americans of Sicilian ancestry. When these troops came ashore, they met up with relatives. They were greeted with heaping plates of pasta and great Italian wine.
After this easy assignment, Len was part of the US and British forces who invaded Italy. They came face to face with a brilliant German general named Albert Kesselring. This general made life “hell on earth” for the allies right until the end of World War II.
Len became separated from his unit during a ferocious battle. He ran out of ammunition and food. He was sleeping on the cold ground. Someone awakened him from his sleep early one morning. When he opened his eyes, he saw a German army officer standing over him. Refexively Len raised his Sten gun and pointed it at the German officer.
What happened next was a huge surprise to Len. The German officer spoke to Len in perfect British English with these words: “You’re not fooling anyone. We both know that you’re out of ammunition. You might as well face it old chap, the war is over for you.”
Len surrendered and talked to the German officer. He found out that the man had been an exchange student in England in the 1930’s. Len soon realized that he was the luckiest man in the world. Any other German soldier would have shot him right on the spot when he pointed his weapon at them.
Len was released from the prisoner of war camp in early 1945. He came home to Eve. They decided to emigrate to Australia. They ended up in the small town of Albany, West Australia.
Small acts of kindness have a wonderful impact of the lives of others. When possible, be kind and generous.
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That’s one hell of a story.

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