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About the Tiki torch march

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2019 Dec 27, 11:40am 170 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    



The Tiki Torch march was the only Pro Trump function that did not repeat. hmmm I guess Soros took to much heat setting that false flag up.

The Patriot Prayer group still does their thing. Why hasn't Soros funded another faux Klan rally? He couldn't find any more Liberal Red Necks?

Fucking Stupid moron Liberals. They can't do a single fucking thing right.
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Not only was this Tiki Torch march the most peaceful pro Trump(reportedly) congregation in the last 4 years. Nothing pro Trump related has been allowed to happen, with such reverence as the Liberals gave the Tiki Soy Boys. It wasn't even reported by any of the Right news sources. CNN had it going down Live at the time. We know George Soros was watching. YET! He didn't dispatch his Antifa over to shut it down, why is that?

Also to this day, none of these guys in this picture has been DOXED. Especially in the early days of TDS, this would have been impossible if those were real McCoy Honest Injun Trump supporters. I would bet you anything these Fags and Soy Boys are College and Washington Big Wig Sons. They aren't fooling me, they practically have Epstein's Cum falling out of their asshole with every Goose Step they take.

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