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Moscow: An Artificial White Christmas

By ohomen171 follow ohomen171   2020 Jan 6, 3:16am 124 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

#moscowwhitechristmasKeeping the Holiday Spirit
Decembers in Russia are generally cold and snowy, but last month the capital, Moscow, experienced one of its warmest Decembers since 1886.

The lack of snow during the New Year celebrations forced authorities to put fake snow in Moscow’s streets for the festivities, NBC News reported.

Over the weekend before New Year’s Day, city officials trucked in “snow” – residue from ice cut at local skating rinks – and dumped it in several landmark areas, including the famous Red Square.

Muscovites have been complaining about the “lack of holiday spirit,” as snow is viewed as an important element during the New Year and Orthodox Christmas holidays.

Residents were quite shocked at the sight of artificial snow, with many quipping at over-the-top funding the capital gets in comparison to other Russian cities.

“With the Moscow budget you can buy anything,” one person posted on Twitter. “Even winter.”

Authorities assured citizens that the effort wasn’t costly, but the warm winter has caused some concern about the effects of climate change in Russia.

The warming weather is damaging the sea-ice habitats of polar bears in the Russian arctic, while the thawing permafrost is threatening infrastructure in affected regions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month that climate change poses a serious threat to Russia, stressing that action needs to be taken.

Moscow’s budget might not be enough.
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The country in which 1/3 of the population shits in the literal holes in the ground chooses to spend money on fake snow? Gotta love the priorities!
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So it happened in 1886. This reminds me of when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida, it was the first Atlantic Hurricane to hit South Florida since 1967,
Since then the same path Andrew took has been a common pattern for Atlantic storms to take. After decades of them forming in the Atlantic and hitting the North Carolina outer banks. For 30 years, America's East Coast enjoyed mild Hurricane seasons, and minimal threat, other than the outer banks.
Weather gonna Weat

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