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Satellite Radio is being kept afloat because the Automobile industry is subsidizing them

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2020 Jan 7, 11:29am 146 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Change my mind!

Every new car comes with Cyrus/XM Radio prepaid for 1,3,6, months or 1 year. I think my latest Mazda 3 has it for the life of my lease, it still hasn't expired since I bought it in April of this year. I didn't pay for it, it was part of the package and you can't opt out of the parts you don't like or want.

If everyone is leasing cars, and turning in and getting a new lease when its up. Then the Sirius XM wont need the consumer to make conscious decisions to subscribe.

I've been up and down the dial, and still can't find anything I like. I never listen to it. AM radio has more to offer in my opinion.
Still can't help to think my car would have been $500 or so less without the Satellite Radio and subscription. What else do we not need the Auto industry is bundling with cars?
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I completely agree with you. My new Tacoma has it - I believe it's a 3-6 month trial.

The programming is nice in that I don't have to listen to 400 commercials, but I wouldn't pay for the service. I like it better than regular FM, but I can also stream over my phone - Spotify or Amazon Prime music.

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