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Martha Stewart cautions against improvising meatballs recipe.

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'Cannibal', 50, is accused of cutting off and eating testicles from a man named Kevin Bacon, 25, after he hung him upside down and slit his throat

The body of 25-year-old Kevin Bacon was found inside the Bennington Township home of murder suspect Mark Latunski, 50, on December 28

Bacon's roommate told police she last saw him alive on the evening of December 24 as he was leaving their home to meet up with a man from Grindr

New court documents obtained by Michigan Live reveal the horror awaiting the hairdresser inside the Latunski's apartment

Latunski admitted to killing Bacon by stabbing him in the back and slitting his throat late Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning.

Bacon was found dead hanging from the ceiling naked, where he had been suspended with rope tied around his ankles for nearly four days

Latunski then reportedly admitted to officers he has also used the murder weapon to to cut off Bacon's testicles and later ate them

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It just goes to show you. Never be gay and have a last name like 'Bacon'.

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