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The Scientist are finally catching up with what I have been saying for years.

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Now they just need to figure out, that the fluid pressure buildup is due to Polar ice melt, and the excess water on the ocean surface, pushes the water at the bottom of the Ocean at about 33,000 feet down into the earth's crust, creating Earthquakes, Volcanos, Fissures, and regeneration of extinct river beds and lakes.

Sorry folks there will not be any Sea Level rise to the magnitude the Commie Clowns keep trying to portray. The water might swamp you from inland not from the coast.

“Our work presents unprecedented evidence that these slow earthquakes are related to dynamic fluid processes at the boundary between tectonic plates,” study author Jeremy Gosselin, an Ottawa doctoral student, said in a news release. “These slow earthquakes are quite complex, and many theoretical models of slow earthquakes require the pressure of these fluids to fluctuate during an earthquake cycle.”

One of the study’s authors, Pascal Audet, an associate professor of geophysics at the University of Ottawa, had previously discovered a link between slow earthquakes and faults featuring especially high fluid pressures.

“The rocks at those depths are saturated with fluids, although the quantities are minuscule,” said Audet. “At a depth of 40 kilometers, the pressure exerted on the rocks is very high, which normally tends to drive the fluids out, like a sponge that someone squeezes. However, these fluids are imprisoned in the rocks and are virtually incompressible; the fluid pressure therefore rises to very high values, which essentially weakens the rocks and generates slow earthquakes.”

Though researchers have previously proposed that sudden changes in fluid pressures might explain the triggering of slowquakes, but until now, scientists had no empirical evidence for the theory.
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