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Stop blaming Donald Trump for the rust belt & the dot com collapse

By Rin follow Rin   2020 Jan 24, 11:34am 731 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Yes, a long time ago, manufacturing collapsed in the lakes/midwest regions, for cheaper destinations abroad or down south with fewer union shops.

Then, during the lofty 90s, it was projected that eventually, everyone would be a so-called Knowledge Worker and while that was beginning to happen, circa 1998-2000 ... then the dot com bubble collapsed and soon ... only those with the 'right' experiences, connections, etc, would be hired by the IT sectors. The outsourcing centers in India, China, eastern Europe, etc, took this area by storm making barriers of entry, difficult for many career changers past the age of 40.

From there forth, the white collar world (having never started with a unionized model) seized to give any type of job or career protection for its adherents. The Hillary Clintons and Joe Bidens of the world have constantly harped that by getting a degree from let's say 'Yale Law School' or perhaps, 'Engineering at MIT/Caltech' that anyone could have a job.

Ok, but not everyone is 20 years old and two, those types of programs accept perhaps less than 10% of their applicants.

Many ppl will have to look into trades (limited by apprenticeship opportunities), health care support, or some ancillary office support which hasn't been automated.

In effect, the Trump economy has accepted that latter world where yes, education (outside of Yale Law School) means DICK and thus, some level of stateside economic activity, even if it simply means repatriating funds from abroad for bigger dividend checks or perhaps, refurbishing an office wing, adding a wing to a defense contractor, etc, will still have a greater effect on local economies as food delivery, repair services, and other assistance industries (even AAA road side assistance counts here, if ppl are forced to drive between gigs) will still need to support these activities.

And NO, the govt can't get companies to invest in R&D, that's entirely up to the C-suite and their cronies unless you want a centrally planned economy ala communism.

In conclusion, don't blame Trump for the economy which started with Carter/Reagan and ended with GWB.

Fuck you Democrats and your buddies at Yale Law!
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OccasionalCortex, while the above appears to be a caricature, it's pretty much spot on!

The fact of the matter is that no President, whether it's Bush Jr, McCain, Obama, Romney, Trump, or whomever, can bring back a system where a vast majority of ppl, outside of govt, have stable careers with a semi-guaranteed pension in place.

And no Mrs Clinton & Uncle Joe, 'attending Yale Law School' or 'learning coding', is not the answer for 90% of the population. I wish ppl would stop trying to create a society of advanced degree MA & PhD Uber drivers, as an answer for everything. A vast majority of white collar jobs, outside of some Brookhaven or Lawrence Livermore labs, do not require highly specialized skills in applied math and engineering outside of the basic BS requirements for most science majors out there.

Even machine learning is applied statistics with a bit of advanced undergraduate math called numerical analysis. There's no need for a PhD there either.
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Rin says
Even machine learning is applied statistics with a bit of advanced undergraduate math called numerical analysis. There's no need for a PhD there either.

And BTW, every college in American now has some part-time or full-time MA/MS program in Data Sciences. I guess they'll soon be 500 applicants for every 1 data science job out there in a few short years.
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OccasionalCortex says
Then it became a status-inflation thing...

This is true, however, prior to the many MAs in Machine Learning being offered, a lot of ML/AI recruiters specifically looked for PhDs because they were misinformed that it coffered some special abilities, since quantitative hedge funds like Renaissance Tech were known for being top heavy with PhDs.

That myth or shall we say, academic bullshit, faded away, as ppl without the vaunted PhD got into the field.

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