Corona virus (more correctly, Wuhan virus)

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Anyone wants to risk a bet on the eventual number of sick people? Dead people?

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3231   Patrick   2022 Sep 4, 1:16pm  


This antibody evidence strongly suggests the novel coronavirus was being transmitted person-to-person throughout the United States well before January 1st 2020, and was probably occurring by October 2019.

I'm quite certain that I had it in late November 2019.
3236   Patrick   2022 Sep 15, 5:31pm  

Patrick says


This fits with everyone at my workplace getting the same "cold" on November 26th of 2019.

I remember it was very odd, with a metallic smell I had never experienced before.

Of course no one died, or even got all that sick.


Every day there is more evidence that the SARS-2 outbreak began months before the earliest documented Wuhan infections. Why does nobody care?
Brief remarks on a sensational study from Lombardy, which finds conclusive evidence of SARS-2 infection in a patient sample from 12 September 2019. ...

What the Italians have discovered, is that these beta mutations are far older, going back as far as October 2019. We can still say that Wuhan looks to be the origins of the outbreak, because the older lineages with only alpha mutations were detected there first of all, and in the greatest numbers. But, it’s clear that the chronological picture we’ve been fed about the origins of the SARS-2 outbreak, and that all establishment sources continue to propagate, is totally false.

As Michael Senger noted recently, “there’s something rotten in the state of virology.” That crucial findings like these should attract such little interest speaks volumes about the heavily manipulated nature of Corona discourse. There are specific parties you’d think would directly benefit from more studies like this one; for the Wuhan Institute of Virology, finding alpha-but-not-beta viruses in 2019 samples outside China would be a powerful argument for exoneration. But, nobody wants to dig up further evidence on when and where SARS-2 entered humans – perhaps because everybody knows that more chronological clarity would do anything but support the case for natural origins.
3237   zzyzzx   2022 Sep 19, 9:14am  

Looks like election season is nearing:
3247   Ceffer   2022 Sep 29, 12:14pm  

Satan says 'perfect'. Any truth required to promote the death campaign is a bitter offense against the Satanists.
3248   Patrick   2022 Sep 29, 12:43pm  

zzyzzx says

Correction: the synthetic spike protein created by the toxxine attacks DNA in the heart
3262   Onvacation   2022 Nov 1, 6:05pm  

The BEST they can hope for is a tribunal.

After the truth, they'll be lucky to avoid the Mussolini treatment by going the Hitler route.

Not even a year ago they were insisting that we take an experimental biologic agent and sign up for a "Vaccine" passport that would restrict our rights and liberty. This was all planned. The truth needs to be uncovered and the planners need to be prosecuted. NO AMNESTY!
3263   Patrick   2022 Nov 1, 7:15pm  

Onvacation says

the planners need to be prosecuted

This should be everyone's main mission in life now.
3266   Patrick   2022 Nov 22, 11:43pm  


After three years of studiously ignoring obvious patterns, The Science inches closer to acknowledging that viral interference is a thing

A news article at Science throws water on the prospect of an impending SARS-2, RSV and influenza “tripledemic”, pointing to “a growing body of epidemiological and laboratory evidence” which suggests that “SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory viruses often ‘interfere’ with each other.” There is therefore little chance that all three viruses “will peak together and collectively crash hospital systems.”

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