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Stone Jury Foreperson is Collusiontruther; Ran as Democrat

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The foreperson on Roger Stone’s jury ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2012, it was revealed Wednesday.

Tomeka Hart revealed her role on the jury in a Facebook post defending four prosecutors who quit the Stone case in protest over a revision to the Trump confidante’s recommended prison sentence.
Hart’s social media activity shows she closely followed the special counsel’s Russia investigation, and frequently posted negative stories about President Donald Trump.

A former Democratic congressional candidate whose social media accounts are replete with criticism of President Donald Trump came forward Wednesday as the foreperson on the jury that convicted longtime GOP operative Roger Stone at a trial in November 2019.

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Voir Dire: "Do you hate President Trump and his associates with an irrational fury that resembles a thousand blazing suns?" "Hmm, do I have to admit it" "No, you're PERFECT."

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