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Because the way the Dems are going, we all might need those rules:

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jazz_music says

I suspect Jazz is pulling our legs (or other body parts). The article is so retarded that a lefty who wrote it does not see that it is her, in fact, who is advocating for cancelling the Will of People (aka election of tRUMP), which seems like autocracy to me.

A few select quotes from that nonsense:

For months, we have been living with the very real threat of nuclear war with North Korea and the near-inevitability of irreversible and unmitigated climate change, made that much more catastrophic by the actions of the Trump Administration.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the election, they vowed to begin weekly demonstrations demanding impeachment....

the last does seem like autocratic solution - as opposed to democratic solution of coming up with an electable platform and convincing voters that YOUR candidate is better than the Orange Monster, which seems to me should not be too difficult given the antics of our Orange leader.

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