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"Comments disabled" haha

This is a good article to have in your back pocket for debates.
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noobster says
This is a good article to have in your back pocket for debates.

Yes. Becasue it's a very rigorous analysis of data, that wasn't in any way a retarded thesis looking desperately for data that wouldn't make the author look even more stupid than all of his introductory biased bullshit made him sound.

One of my favorite parts of the work on which this right wing dimbulb bases his conclusions:

In the case of math proficiency, however, in San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Oakland, the gaps between middle- to upper-income black and white students is actually larger than it is between lower-income white and black students.

In other words, despite the familiar talking point that poverty is the primary obstacle to educational opportunity, these particular progressive cities actually do a better job of helping low-income black students close the gap with their white counterparts in math than they do with higher-income black students.

They only cite the gaps. Not the actual levels of low income white scores versus black scores, Or the avg scores of middle class to upper income whites versus blacks. OH would this be sort of like a 580 versus 680 Sat Math score being a bigger gap than a 370 versus 420 math SAT score ?

In case you don't get it. Could it be that poor white students do poorly too ? ! Gee I wonder whether that's a question that should be considered ?

I've seen many way better research papers using data to draw conclusions, written by high school students. A below average middle school student could easily comprehend the gross errors in the authors reasoning here.

Ironic isn't it ? Considering both the right winger that is the author of the linked piece, and the author of the piece he uses to draw his conclusions, are both writing about education outcomes ?

Wow, big surprise, cities with the largest low income populations are also often the most likely to have "progressive" government.

In other insightful breakthroughs, it's been discovered that multiple firetrucks being at residences and or other buildings is often a good predictor of fires occurring.

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