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Coronavirus Scare

By WillPowers follow WillPowers   2020 Mar 21, 2:13am 149 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Is the Coronavirus Worth Shutting Down the Whole Economy?

Can You Trust the Mainstream Media?

Did you know in 2013, “The US government… unbound the legal regulations against using propaganda against foreign audiences and American citizens”?

Judicial Watch reports the FBI is no longer processing FOIA Freedom Of Information Act requests electronically.

MEANWHILE, the the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is set to expire in 2017.  The Trump administration is for the continuation of the Act.

This is the way the government operates, they either use or create a catastrophic event to take away your rights.  After 911, they told us we had to give up our right to privacy in order to make us safer.  So they brought out into the open what they have been secretly doing for years: spying on Americans.

Tucker reports the number of “confirmed” coronavirus cases surged in the United States to 10,000 and the death toll is over 200.

However, ZeroHedge reported on March 20, 160 deaths from the disease.

Is FOX News trying to hype the numbers?

In comparison to the flu, the number of deaths is between 26,339 and 52.664.

Business are shutting down, the stock market is falling drastically, projected unemployment figures for March are down, and all because of the coronavirus?  Or, are the news outlets hyping the problem to alarm viewers and increase their audience participation rate?

Could this be a deep state operation coming from our own intelligence services to wreck havoc on the American population in an attempt to dissuade them from pulling the lever for Trump?

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In addition to the destruction of the tourism industry because of the flu, the governor of Arizona yesterday, closed all the bars and restaurants except drive through and take-out. There are now tens of thousands of unemployed who don't get unemployment because they are illegals, part-time workers or don't have 6 months of employment. There is no safety net for them and desperate people do desperate things. The programs being discussed in Washington won't help them either because under the democrats it is based on increasing unemployment insurance (which they don't get as I mentioned above) and under the Republicans it is based on taxes received.

Crime is going to go through the roof. Other states have taken measures even more harsh than here in Arizona with the majority of the people in those states being told to shelter in place. While most of us are making fun about toilet paper rationing, things for millions of people in this country are going to become desperate really quickly. The politicians in this country were unable to stand up to the media concerning this virus and instead of treating it as the flu, they instead destroyed the economy. My state doesn't have the resources to continue paying state and local government employees along with the vast increase in unemployment compensation for those who do qualify with the greatly diminished taxes. The money will probably run out within a few months. Especially when increased police are needed and/or the national guard.

What the fuck are they thinking. One bad decision after another.
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Not to mention, in New York, they are letting criminals out of jail and the police are told not to bust people for low level crimes like burglary.

"A convicted felon who thanked New York Democrats this week for eliminating bail for a series of crimes deemed “non-violent” was arrested for the 140th time, just days after he was released from New York City Police Department (NYPD) custody."


NEW YORK (AP) — Police officers in Fort Worth and Denver have stopped arresting people for some low-level crimes. The district attorney in Brooklyn is declining to prosecute them. And many courthouses across the U.S. are closing their doors, delaying trials and canceling jury duty, as the coronavirus disrupts even the most fundamental pillars of American life.

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