Bison supremacists attack Negro

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'I ain't messing with you!': Close call moment when a reporter spots a HERD OF BISON approaching him while he is on camera at Yellowstone National Park and makes his exit

A new video shows the anxious and humorous reaction a reporter has to an oncoming herd of bison he spots nearing him at Yellowstone National Park

Deion Broxton of NBC affiliate KTVM in Montana's eyes light up as he stands perfectly still the moment he sees the approaching beasts

Broxton's eyes move from side-to-side and then he makes his quiet exit, all the while saying 'Oh my God! Oh no. I ain't messing with you'

A live mic and camera captured the near-harrowing episode which has gone viral online. It was followed up by a second video showing the animals


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1   Ceffer   2020 Mar 26, 12:35pm  

Bison to pay Reparations! It should be in Bernie platform right away.

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