The little black dress but only when tits hang out

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by Rin   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2020 Mar 26, 4:21pm  

There's a lot of talk about how everyone likes a gal in the 'little black dress'.

For me, that's a college aged cocktease because in reality, it makes fat women look slimmer and petite women more alluring, possibly full bodied.

I like the black dress where the tits are hanging out ...

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7   KgK one   2020 Mar 26, 7:21pm  

There is lot of porn with dolls only on porn sites. Guessing we will need less women in future for sex. I wonder that's why they are joining real jobs.
8   Rin   2020 Mar 26, 7:50pm  

KgK one says
Guessing we will need less women in future for sex.

Hasn't this 'plague' been making it clear?

As long as men have a place to stick their cock while fondling boobs, being out and about at clubs and bars (now barred, thanks to 'social distancing'), isn't all the important.
9   Rin   2020 Mar 27, 2:59pm  

Condom shortage on the horizon ...


I think it's imperative that we have a RealDoll per household.

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