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Why Trump is cutting off funding to the WHO

By Patrick follow Patrick   2020 Apr 15, 5:22pm 936 views  13 comments           share      


  • American taxpayers send $400-500 million to the World Health Organization each year. China, with its 1.4 billion people, contributes about one-tenth of that amount.

  • The WHO repeatedly parroted the Chinese government’s claims that the virus was not spreading between humans, despite dire warnings from doctors and health officials.

  • When Taiwan contacted the WHO in December after seeing reports of human-to-human transmission, the WHO cowered to China and kept it from the public.

  • WHO leaders voiced strong opposition to travel restrictions from China and other countries, despite applauding travel restrictions within China itself. That led to further spread of the virus globally.

1   Booger   2020 Apr 15, 5:24pm  

China is asshoe!
2   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2020 Apr 15, 5:36pm  

WHO acts like China puppet and treats US like shit. They should pay their own fucking bills.

Finally president who puts America first!
3   Ceffer   2020 Apr 15, 6:07pm  

When you have a token Commie human rights criminal as the head of your health organization........
4   MisdemeanorRebel   2020 Apr 15, 7:21pm  

Tim Aurora says
Criticize and tighten WHO. Throwing tantrum will get US out of WHO and in the next pandemic we will be even less prepared.

Criticize and Frighten is meaningless without demonstrating the pain first. This is what international law types don't understand. Eventually people figure out they'll be criticized and threatening, and then suddenly, nothing will happen except some mean words in a report.

No, get WHO to issue an apology and form a taskforce to make sure WHO is not surrendering to Chinese Bribery. Until then, no money.

That's how you get bureaucrats to change behaviors - threaten their empire with total destruction
5   BayArea   2020 Apr 15, 7:59pm  

My liberal friends area appalled that he cut funding... because you know, Orange man bad.
6   theoakman   2020 Apr 15, 8:03pm  

The WHO had come across a fork in the road. Appease a Chinese Authoritarian or risk millions of lives. They chose the former. They are essentially useless and utterly failed at their obligation and charter.

Seriously...those against this...name one good thing the WHO did on the coronavirus that would have helped us. We can name a bunch of things they did that were wrong.
7   mell   2020 Apr 15, 8:04pm  

China is asshoe!
8   clambo   2020 Apr 15, 8:10pm  

The American taxpayers get no benefit from the WHO, therefore they should not give money to it.
9   Patrick   2020 May 9, 12:53pm  


Got a cough, cold, rheumatic fever? According to the World Health Organization what you might really need is a good dose of pangolin scales. This is the surprising advice coming from a UN agency which has been accused of cozying up too closely with China and which in a little noticed development last year, decided to officially endorse Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs).

In mid-2019, the WHO ratified the grandly titled 11th International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11). When it comes into force from January 2022, for the first time TCMs will be regarded as having met ‘the diagnostic classification standard for all clinical and research purposes’. This will give a dubious medical veneer, and export opportunities, to a whole host of quack remedies, many of which rely on illegally sourced wild animal parts.

The WHO really does seem to be a puppet of China.
10   Patrick   2020 May 9, 2:20pm  

Yeah, that video showing the pretend "I can't hear you" and then hang up in response to a question about China was pretty damning.

Thanks for this tip, learned a new term:

Wu Mao

People paid by the Chinese communist regime to comment on posts about China and the Chinese people that promote the Communist party line. In Chinese: 五毛. The term actually means 50 cents.

Example usage: "I posted my video blog to YouTube and the Wu Mao's came out with huge hate comments."
11   Bd6r   2020 May 9, 3:00pm  

OccasionalCortex says
When a reporter interviewing a WHO spokesperson stated she wanted to ask questions about Taiwan's response to the virus, the WHO wu mao1 hung up on her.

If they are Chinese lap-dogs, their funding should come from China. Or, they can have evidence and not politics-driven suggestions/policies that deal with HEALTH ONLY, in which case funding could be restored. Nothing personal.
US NPC response to trump withdrawing funding is predictable: it is ORANGEMANBAD, and Chinese did not do anything wrong by discriminating against Taiwanese. As if Taiwanese do not get sick!
12   SunnyvaleCA   2020 May 9, 3:38pm  

Patrick says
American taxpayers send $400-500 million to the World Health Organization each year
I'm guessing China quietly bribes WHO "leaders" 5% of that amount each year, which works a whole lot better for their purposes.

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