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Every 911 call is a failure of another agency to do their job

By ignoreme follow ignoreme   2020 Jun 9, 7:49pm 347 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

Bit of a long video, but gives you good police perspective on the whole George Floyd situation and the crap politicians are putting them through.

Some great questions:
1. If we aren’t prosecuting rioters err, I mean peaceful protestors, why are we asking cops to stand in harms way and get bricks thrown at them?
2. Why don’t cops deserve a day in court? Why do we need to fire them the second a video comes out without an investigation into the circumstances?
3. Since the agencies we have already setup to deal with homelessness, mental illness, drug abuse, commercial license enforcement, etc have failed so miserably, why would you expect defunding cops to give more money to these failed agencies have better results? Case in point, I believe counter fitting falls under treasury and secret service, maybe cops should have directed the shop owner to call them?

Anyways, if anyone can watch this video and have any disagreement with any of the points made by the speakers I’d like to hear it.
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